The Government Comprehensive Spending Review

Brett Alegre-Wood
November 4, 2010

Investment News - Roundup of the Government Comprehensive Spending Review

The all important Government Comprehensive Spending Review is finally out. As property investors you need to understand the structure of this review as there are some bad and good points that will affect the property market. As always I've read the report, digested it and put the most important parts in this video for you.

House prices had their fastest rise within 18 months and then oddly, fell all in the same month of September. It's been up and down and the news has been spitting out all kinds of press on it. I'll give you reasons why you should ignore it and start to feel more optimistic about your property investments.

Also in this week's property investment news, remortgages seem to be back on the rise indicating that the property market is stabilising. First time buyers are still suffering a drought in lending from banks. How do we get them on board? Watch this week's property news update on Government Comprehensive Spending Review.

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Live with passion,
Brett Alegre-Wood


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