The Olympics legacy, Providing Britain with investment opportunities?

Brett Alegre-Wood
August 28, 2012

Gold medals into golden opportunities?

Well I think that everyone would have to agree that London pulled it off. Great games and a performance that made this diehard Australian (with a British passport) proud. 29 gold, third on the medal table and so many highlights it's hard to pick a favourite.

It just shows that Britain still has what it takes to be a top class performer on the world circuit in more than just property prices.

The Olympics is over… what will be the real legacy?

Sure we’ll have a few stadiums and Stratford has had a face-lift but the real question is will success on the field transpose to success of the country and ultimately will our success help to drag us out of the current recession?

It is up to every one of us (with a UK passport or residing there) to pick ourselves up and march on out of the recession. Governments can only do so much, we all have our part to play.

The reality is that a sporting event is easily forgotten and although the politicians will talk about the legacy of the games for years to come somehow I don’t think we can hold out much hope that it will stimulate us out of the current situation. For that we need real stimulus, real action, real jobs and a 2 week sporting event or even a 2 week rally won't do it.

The question remains now not what will be the ultimate legacy of the games, but can London (and its many property agents and exhibitors) take advantage of the brief eyes on London the world had and turn this into increasing property investment. I think that this is one thing that the politicians can claim to have achieved if nothing else through the games.

So, whilst the pain of recession may continue- and for UK property prices that means stagnant or painfully slow growth at best- and for the London market which is a world city and much more robust (6.5% price growth in 2011/2012) it will mean continuing demand for property from international investors. I see this as I travel around Asia, there is so many investment opportunities, especially now that the Olympics is over, many have only just begun waking up to the real potential.

Live with passion,
Brett Alegre-Wood

Brett Alegre-Wood is the best selling author of “The 3+1 Plan: How to Achieve Financial Freedom with Just 4 properties” and is a London Investment Property Expert. He spends his time between London and Singapore running educational seminars teaching Asian investors how to invest in the London and UK property market. For more information or his next seminar dates call his London team on +44 (0)207 923 6100 or go to our website.


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