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A short while ago I spoke with a client who was finding it hard to make the time to invest. He wanted to use a property as his pension saving vehicle but just couldn’t find the time between work, family, and his hobby of golf.

In this blog, I’ll explore exactly what you can expect from your pensions when you retire. I’ll also show you how you can carry on doing what you love to do now while making a life-changing investment. You might even become a buy-to-let millionaire.

How low can your pension income go?

According to figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) earlier this year, if you were to retire today you’d have an average of £16,250 per year in pension income. Of this, just £6,000 a year is from the state pension.

Think about that for a moment. What these figures tell us is that the average pensioner in the UK receives just £1,354 per month – and this is before tax. Could you even live on that amount of pre-tax income, never mind do all those things on your bucket list? How will you cope with presents for the grandchildren at Christmas? What if you become ill?

Average pensions today are even scarier than this

Remember that the figure from the ONS is an average. There are plenty of pensioners who don’t have an income anywhere near the average. In fact, Saga Investment Services has calculated that:

  • to create a £10,250 income from a personal pension, you’d need a whopping £181,000 saved; and
  • if you wanted to protect your pension income from inflation, you’d need a pension pot of £287,000.

Do you think you could save £287,000 in a retirement fund between now and your retirement age?

Property is the new pension

When retirement investing today for lifestyle income tomorrow, by investing in property you really could become a buy-to-let millionaire. The property has proved itself to be the number one investment for income and capital growth over the last 100 years. As a buy-to-let investor:

  • you can invest with around a 30% deposit
  • you can use borrowed money to make a profit
  • you’ll receive rental income that pays the mortgage, while your property increases in value over time; and
  • rental income will naturally increase each year.

Furthermore, the property market in the UK benefits from a demand and supply dynamic that other assets don’t exhibit.

(For more advantages of buy-to-let property investment, read our investment blog titled “7 reasons why investing in property beats all other investments”.)

Of course, successful property investing isn’t a question of buying just any property. You’ll need to understand what makes a property a good buy and how to manage cash flow. You’ll need to find good tenants and keep them, collect rent, and arrange maintenance and repairs. Only by accomplishing all this can you hope to benefit from the promise of property investment.

It takes time to invest in property successfully. Time is probably the one thing you don’t have. So you need to find a way to benefit from the property while saving you time. That strategy is delegation.

The art of delegation in property investment

Delegation in property investment is no different from managing another business. You can’t do everything yourself, pass over duties to others. You’re still responsible, of course, but others are doing all the donkey work.

For example, we provide comprehensive area reports, which means our clients save hours and even days that they would otherwise spend doing their research. Our sales progression team helps to keep the process of property investing simple by coordinating solicitors, developers, mortgage brokers, and paperwork. And when you own the property, relieve yourself of the day-to-day tasks of being a landlord by employing a property management company.

By delegating property investment tasks and duties to professionals, you’ll benefit not only by saving time but also from better results. That should help you race past average income in retirement. It should also get you closer to becoming a buy-to-let millionaire investor.

Take the first step to a better quality of life through property investment. Call me at Gladfish on +44 207 923 6100 today to ask about our free property investment education. That’s right: free. All you have to do to change your life and your future are to make a bit of time.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

Brett Alegre-Wood
November 12, 2018

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