TNQ Colindale London Regeneration Site Visit – Property Rant 033

I was so impressed with this development after taking my whole team on site visit that I decided to do a Property Rant. Sometimes is a great thing to see a property you bought off a plan actually come to reality, even more importantly is seeing it build to the standard stated as well as the whole area come alive.

Colindale in London is a great example of a council committing to change and following it through, major developers are transforming the whole area with huge investment, new retail, commercial and residential.

TNQ Tower by Royal London Asset Management and NEAT developments is a prime example of a commitment to a really high specification that future proofs a property.

Video Transcription:

Guys, welcome to Property Rant. I'm Brett Alegre-Wood. So today I'm actually in Collindale, and Collindale is an amazing place, because it's one of the regeneration areas that we chose maybe about four or five years ago. And I'm actually right in front of it, and you can see now, that's the tower at TNQ. We sold, actually, this block and the block back there some time ago. And it's an amazing transformation because a lot of these sites were actually planned and weren't even here the last time I was here.

So, it's been about four or five years since I saw it. And it's amazing to have the site, you know, to actually see it when it's finished and see that it's actually a quality build. And everything that I saw when I originally went to the marketing presentation exhibition and did the original deal in Hong Kong, has actually come to pass. So it's pretty extraordinary.

So guys, these are the ground-floor flats. An interesting thing about ground-floor flats here is we're actually four stories up. So as you can see, this is our own private area where, obviously, nobody is. But these are classified as ground floor even though they're actually four floors up. And you can see, if you have a look over here, you'll see that's the tops of the other buildings over in the distance.

So it's quite a good feature about these. Really well done, actually. Yeah, really impressive to see what these guys are about. So, you guys, I just wanted to show you this. This is actually the building without the cladding on. So this is actually the building built, and literally a lot of time the cladding for the most part, the cladding isn't structural, it's aesthetics. So you can see this is the actual tower block, here, that's being built.

This is actually finished, you know, with the rendered walls. And what I mean by rendered is it's brick or cement that then has a, literally, it's like a cementy-glue paint which is [inaudible]. And it looks like it's a cement wall. Potentially, it could be, and I'm not sure...I haven't actually asked about the construction of this particularly, so it may well be that.

But, a lot of times what we'll do is it could be a brick surface that we literally, it's almost like I want to say Playdough. That's probably a bit infantile. But yea, it's basically a paint color pre-mixed, it's put on so it looks nice and smooth. But yeah. Just introduce you to the local pub, because actually, in the UK, local pubs are very important.

And don't worry, I haven't been here by myself. I've been here with a couple of the team, actually, the rest of the team left earlier. But actually, to be fair, local pubs are one of the cornerstones of the entire industry. And actually, traditionally, a lot of the local pubs, especially as you go up through the north of England, were along tow paths and were along where they used to basically ship cartage and things like that.  

So it's a massive cultural thing that we don't really have as much as, you know, we do have pubs and that, but not like they do in the UK. So anyway, have a great day. Live with passion.

Brett Alegre-Wood
March 13, 2017

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