UK Landlords… It could be worse, you could be in Queensland!

And I thought that things were bad in the UK, spare a thought for Queensland landlords, they may have the sun, surf and well...BBQ but they also have a ruthless Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, who clearly wants Landlords to pay for the crisis. Poor Effort Annastacia.

If you're a Queensland Landlord get on the REIQ website and back their efforts to stop this ridiculousness.

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Video Transcription:

hey so just thought I'd drop in and put in a word for my Aussie buddies that are in Queens they actually who is in property because actually right now going through Parliament with Annastacia Palaszczuk who interesting I used to her father used to be my teacher way back when I used to go to a school in an hour believe it or not so a lot of connections that sort of the community took is actually we're in the tie shot which arm is in Darra but you know amazingly she's putting forward these things which seem to have a total disregard for landlords and it's as if her policies are totally again against their laws and and and what I remember that what I mean by that.

The stuff she's putting in these covert 19 you know special protections for the residential tenant the bottom line is is what they are actually doing is passing the costs on to landlords and basically giving tenants free rein to do whatever the hell they want you to know it's really disappointing and it's a stark contrast I've been really disappointed with Australia so far firstly you know they chucked everyone onto the bread line onto the welfare without really any district or any regard for small business now they have subsequently changed that and reversed that you know which is great you know I have to say you know UK landlords you know and we understand we've got our own issues and we got our own issues with tenants who feel that they are entitled to as opposed to what the actual law says but in Queensland it seems that the law actually says so if you're a UK landlord and you're doing it tough and you know there are people doing it tough absolutely but spare a thought for the Queensland landlords who I mean ultimately you're gonna flip the bill it seems for everything. You know the government even on their own website which I tried to read it and have to say shout out to the UK government because they're bloody website is a lot easier to read than the Queensland website it is just full of garbage you know absolute rubbish.

You know things like most land most landlords and tenants have come to an agreement it's like your BS I call BS on that know the reality is they're forcing it all on the Landlord and Tenant to sort it out and come to an amicable decision you know in other words the landlord should be giving the tenant free rent or a rent-free period or a reduction in rent or whatever it is if they can't decide it goes to the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) and goes through conciliation which we all know where that ends.

Number one is you know it's a month to wait just for a deposit to get sorted out little under thousands of people now that are going to be copying and waiting on that and meanwhile, that is going to be the tenor the landlords that suffer not the tenants, yeah you know it's just ridiculous I mean the bottom line is and this is what you'll be careful is if you are in Queensland you know and a landlord and your tenant comes to you is the tenants don't have to pay back there and if you make an agreement with them then effectively that is a mutual agreement mutual consent and number one is you know whatever you decide is what we held so if you give them a rent reduction you know unless it's really really watertight which means you probably get here solicitor involved it's unlikely you can force them to pay whatever the rent is back you know on top of that you know effectively you know you if you decide it will be more most like a rent waiver trying to get that money back is going to be impossible add to that yeah the fact that if you've got landlord insurance which a lot of people to an insurer in Queensland then you know you need to make sure you get your insurer on board because the reality is if you make a an agreement outside of that your insurance is going to become void so yeah and the reality is is that there's not really much hope for that anyway you know it's I mean it's just amazing.

The other thing is that I think which is quite interesting is that the fact that they don't really have to prove any hardship they have to provide if there's a separation if they've been made of redundant they've got to do that but effectively what the government is saying is if you're in struggle or if you're in hardship then the landlord will pay and sort something out the landlord don't come to us there now as a last resort says okay you come to us and there are provisions up to 2,000 you know our dollars will you know how much is that in rent realistically these days you know it's not very encouraging it's kind of like you know Annastacia is gone you know screw you landlords can pay it's not our to stay government you guys pay which isn't a really good situation of being because you know landlords gonna for the bill landlords are gonna you know have to do that and you know eventually what's gonna happen is the landlord's going to come back and they're gonna put the rent up and guess what you know inflation and all those other things you know are gonna happen but look bottom line is you've really got to be careful with this how you negotiate it number one and number two is you know you've got to get your insurers involved if you have them because the bottom line here's what they've done is they've stopped evictions for 12 months sorry for six months and i think it's twelve months yeah yeah effectively given 12 months so they've extended tenancies for six months I mean they're then locking things down for a long time so some of these decisions that are to be made and there is a the possibility here that'll get thrown out hopefully, it does get thrown out and I think all landlords need to come together and get hold of the REIQ to go onto their website and actually you know sign off and put your name to it so that you know some political force can go against this ridiculous state of affairs I mean I'm all for you know working together and lots of stuff but not when you're going to be losing money and you don't have any recourse you know how many say.

I mean you can they can refuse entry to the property unless it's an emergency so for instance virtual viewings and all these sorts of things the other thing is what you think is really really unfair is they can break the lease legally now with seven days notice, you know in other words here oh I'm living in seven days see you later and effectively you can only claim that seven days nothing more obviously you're still find damages and things like that through the bond but you know that's just ridiculous now you know if you're in the UK you'll start to see that some of the thing that we've done in the UK are just in a stark contrast you know the whole keep the rent flowing campaign really does put us into a position where we can keep the ring out because what's happened is the government said it's not the landlord's the problem it's not a tenants problem it's actually as a government it's our responsibility so this is what we're doing we're gonna start up the benefits here we're gonna make sure that the rent keeps flowing to give you a payment holidays here and let's work this out yeah you know but the the tenancy still exists all that stuff which is a much better way of doing it I really think that you know Annastacia needs to pull a frigging I was gonna say something out of her ass but I won't say I probably did say it anyway I did say it anyway not to worry about there she really needs to wake up to herself I mean I guess maybe this is the concern with a Labour government maybe this is a concern with you know this I don't know I think it's just she really is just a very poor leader and this shows it's just you know she's almost the Trump of Australia would she be in the way she's going well it's not my problem it's landlord's problem you know.

Unfortunately, if you're in you know if you're in Queensland you've got the property you know it's a real challenge you know but get on to REIQ there are mounting a defense if there is even a defense and if there is a possibility for that I'm not really sure against that especially but if in the UK you know when you start to look around at some of the other things that are going on actually we haven't got it that bad even though we got a lot of tenants right now who are coming after us and who are saying I want free rent if you don't give me friends I'm leaving and all these sort of things in this you know emotional response for the most part when we settle down and get to the real crux of the issue a lot of times the government is solving it with the benefits and that the packages they're put together or at least in part and then the other side at least they aren't undermining your rights as a landlord you know to receive the rent that you're owed and things like that you know and allowing the two parties to actually negotiate where is this one you know in Queensland is very much one-sided towards the tenant can say whatever they want it like it, they don't agree with it or you don't agree with it as a landlord then go to the RTA they're gonna take forever to get this done and we all know what happens in most cases is they side with tenants not landlords yeah so guys you know best of luck out there in Queensland you know I really feel for you guys yeah I mean look I made a mistake you know everybody's in this together unfortunately when you get politicians who seem to think that they can just override you know one party, not the other you know it's not a balanced view anyway guys stay safe stay healthy and yeah stay at home for the time being and let's get through this together alright guys see you later bye

Brett Alegre-Wood
April 16, 2020

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