UK Property News – 27 Sep 2018

Brett Alegre-Wood
September 27, 2018

Video Transcription: 

Hi guys? So the Hometrack Data has come out today and this is looking at the cities of the UK. And one of the great things right now, I mean, Liverpool has come out the best with 7.5% growth. And I mean, it's all the way down London which, you know, minus two sort of thing. Which is what you expect, okay? So you've got Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham are in the sixes, 6.8, 6.6. And then you've got, you know, Leeds, Nottingham, and those sort of other cities coming through in the fives. Which is kinda exactly how you'd expect it with the ripple effect, and exactly how you'd expect it, yeah, from where everything as is.

So all the data that's coming out right now is exactly what you'd expect, you know. So, you know, we can talk about Brexit, we can talk about all these sort of negative things and all these things that potentially happened. But the reality is, the stuff and the data that's coming out is showing exactly how things are. Not what the media is portraying, but how things are really on the ground. And I think, you know, when you look at this sort of stuff and you start to apply good sound fundamentals principles to it, you realise this media hype is absolute crap, okay? So it's more about getting it right, it's more about, you know, looking over the data and being able to read the data properly, okay?

So the other thing that I'll say is this, if you expect the house price to grow, you know, to grow to keep up so for instance, Liverpool at 7.5% forever, you're kidding yourself. It's just not gonna happen, you know. So what you've got to do is you got to realise that Liverpool might have grown to 7.5 this year but can it do it next year? Can it do it the year after? Probably not. And what you start to see is, it might sustain that for a couple of years, okay? Which actually it already has. But what you might find now is that if you jump in there because it's 7.5, actually, it's already gone and what you're gonna find is now you're left holding the property for the next three or four years that doesn't do a lot, okay?

So this is one of the keys. This is how we apply the strategy to meet the market, okay? So maybe you don't look at Liverpool, maybe, you know, even Manchester and Birmingham. You know, those sort of markets. Or you go into the markets within those markets, the submarkets within those markets, and find the areas where the ripple effect hasn't taken effect. So, you know, there's nothing wrong with those places, but you may find that you're buying in a little bit further out in the center of the city, you know, from Manchester, or from Birmingham, or from Liverpool, you know, that's something to look at, and it's something to consider. And when you do consider this, and you weigh all these things up, you start to get a really robust strategy for how to invest, all right?

So guys, a couple of thoughts for today and, yeah, we'll chat soon. Bye. Oh, remember to subscribe and comment and I'll come straight back to you either with a video or with writing a nice little reply to you. All right guys have a great day. Live with passion.


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