Want to be a happy property investor? Buy in Newcastle

Maximise your property investment ROI by investing in the North East

It’s the largest city in the North East of England. It’s been named as one of the UK’s top cities for inward investment. And our research indicates it’s one of the best places to invest in property UK. Find out a few of the reasons why in this article.

One of the happiest cities in the UK

Newcastle is home to the happiest people in the UK. In March 2017, galabingo.com found that more people smile regularly in Newcastle than anywhere else in the nation. The study asked people why they felt happy about where they live and measured criteria such as work/life balance, time with family, and leisure activities such as trips to the pub, walking and reading. Almost three in four people are more than happy with their life in Newcastle.

A top city for inward investment

In February 2018, we learned more about Newcastle as a destination for investment. Design and consultancy firm Arcadis ranked 24 UK cities based on six criteria:

  1. Business environment
  2. Workforce and skills
  3. Infrastructure performance
  4. Housing
  5. Place
  6. City brand

Newcastle came in at 11th place, marginally behind Birmingham and Exeter, and above Nottingham, Bristol, and Reading.

It ranked particularly high in infrastructure performance (thanks to rapidly growing ultra-fast broadband access and low traffic levels) and quality of life (thanks to access to green space, cost of living, and air quality).

A growing economy led by the digital capability

When you think of Newcastle, you think of hardworking coal and steel workers. Football fanatics whose loyalty extends beyond their team, and to their employers, family, and friends. But it’s much more than a city of dedicated manual workers (not that there is anything wrong with manual work).

The city is growing into the 21st century at a rapid pace. Infrastructure improvement and regeneration is shaping the city. It is set to become a major digital hub.

Newcastle is home to many large companies, attracted by a workforce that is upskilling. While major employment sectors are retail, services, administration, and tourism, employment and business opportunities are growing in engineering, medical science, and technology.

The upshot is that Newcastle is currently one of the fastest-growing local economies in the UK.

Tremendous transport connectivity

There are around 2 million people living in and around Newcastle. They need great connectivity, and the road and rail network doesn’t disappoint. Newcastle is well connected to the rest of the UK by major roads. And the city is only three hours from London by train.

For international travellers, Newcastle International Airport offers 80 destinations.

Importing and exporting businesses are served well by Port of Tyne, one of UK’s most innovative and efficient deep-sea ports handling cargoes across five continents.

A great place for a night out

The nightlife of Newcastle is legendary. It’s a hotbed of eclectic entertainment opportunities with lively pubs, clubs and restaurants to suit all. This is one reason why students flock to study in Newcastle, with three universities ranked in the QS World University Rankings in the immediate region:

  • Durham University, a half-hour drive away
  • Newcastle University and Northumbria University in the heart of Newcastle

Could you invest at a better affordability?

Residential investment property in Newcastle is among the most affordable in the UK. With an average price of around £144,000, 36% below the national average, you won’t need to break the bank to take advantage of the fantastic property fundamentals in Newcastle.

The rental yield here is extremely attractive, too: 7.1% is some way above the national average yield.

As a destination for property investors, we believe that Newcastle offers incredible investment potential in the North East of England. Do you want to know more?

Contact Gladfish on +44 207 923 6100 and book a property investment strategy session. Discover why investing in Newcastle’s property market could boost your investment returns.

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Brett Alegre-Wood

Brett Alegre-Wood
August 8, 2018

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