What things property investor must consider

Brett Alegre-Wood
September 2, 2010

Property Investment News - things property investor must consider 

It's all been a bit quiet due to the holidays, but there are a few major points that many property investors are ignoring.

  • To start with, do you know what inflation index your pension is linked to? Do you know the difference between CPI and RPI and how much of an impact they will have on your future lifestyle? What things property investor must consider, Educate yourself on the investment
  • Should we worry that we have had the biggest drop in house prices since April 2009? It's true that house prices have dropped for the 2nd month, but I'll tell you how to rise above all of this.

Also covered in this issue:

Was Tony Blair misleading the nation? We'll take a look at some of his comments in his recent interview with Andrew Marr. Is it likely that you'll be in negative equity until 2014? And how Britain can avoid talking itself into believing the double dip mirage?

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