Why do I need to use your services? Can I manage myself? – Property Rant 050

Brett Alegre-Wood
April 20, 2017

It all comes down to this one key decision… Do you have the time to do it yourself or are you prepared to bring experts to do it for you?

Our business unashamedly works with people who don’t have the time to do it themselves. If that’s you then let’s have a chat, if you want to do it yourself then, by all means, use our free Investors Academy.

Whichever your choose, you can change and normally will end up using Other People’s TIme and Other People’s Money (OPT OPM). This video will help you choose the best one for you.

Hey, guys, Property Search... Think Gladfish.

So great question today, why do I need to use your services? Can I just do it myself? And the answer is absolutely you can.

If you don't want to use our services... I mean, I look at it this way. You've got a set and forget investor, someone who doesn't have the time or, perhaps, the experience or, perhaps, the relationships to do it themselves, and they're the three criteria.

If I talk about our ideal client, they don't have the time, the experience, or the relationships, or they understand OPTOPM, other people's time, other people's money, which is one of the key things in investing, and many of you would have heard about that. Look it up if you want the explanation.

So that's just what I call a "set and forget investor," versus a DIY, someone who's happy to do it themselves. And if you're happy to do it yourself, you've got the time, the experience, you've got the relationships, or you're prepared to build them, to learn it and do that, then fantastic. You don't need our services. Go out and do it yourself, because actually you can do very, very well doing it yourself.

But for those people that don't and can't do it themselves and have busy lives and busy jobs, and they've got kids, and they've got families, and they've got grandparents they're looking after and all that sort of stuff or parents they're looking after, then actually having somebody do it for you is ideal.

So why do you need to use us? Because it's more time-efficient, because you're gaining that leverage. And for the cost, effectively, the cost of using us - and not just us, but it's the professionals that we have around us and the support network we have around us and the experience we have around us - far outweighs any cost to you in having to do it yourself. Now, we can have a big argument about that, I'm sure we can.

But in my experience, I pay professionals to get the job done in pretty much every aspect of my life. Why? Because I want to focus on the things that I'm passionate about. I don't want to focus on the things that I don't really enjoy doing, which I can tell you,

I've inspected so many properties in my life, and they all basically function the same, they look the same. And doing site visits, all that sort of stuff, boring. I much prefer to be playing with my kids, going to the swings, whatever it is. And because of that, I pay professionals, and that's the reason why you would use us, is because you want to leverage your time much better than doing it yourself.

But it's a decision. DIY, set and forget investor, I'll leave it to you to decide, but obviously, if it is a set and forget investor, then call the team. If it is DIY, then hey, jump on the website, get all the free education. But get out there and do it yourself. Either way, just do it. Apologies, that other shoe brand, if I stole your line.

But anyway, guys, have a great day. Live with passion.


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