Wife stabbed husband after £1m buy-to-let collapse

Brett Alegre-Wood
May 5, 2011

Property Investment News - Brett's reaction on buy-to-let incident

thisismoney.co.uk - 05 May 2011 - By Rebecca Camber and Hannah Roberts

Friends recall them as an ordinary middle class couple who had caught the buy-to-let bug.

Like many others planning for retirement, Jennifer and Michael Parkinson hoped the property portfolio, worth at least £1m, that they had carefully built up would ensure a comfortable old age.
But when the bubble burst and they faced bankruptcy, a drunken dispute over debts ended with Jennifer stabbing her husband to death.

The 63-year- old retired headmaster was knifed three times at their £330,000 penthouse apartment in Gosport, Hampshire. Yesterday his wife was jailed for three years and eight months for manslaughter at Winchester Crown Court after she admitted killing the man she had loved for 20 years.

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