4 Reasons Stevenage is one of the best commuter towns for property investors

Brett Alegre-Wood
November 18, 2016

Stevenage is already one of the best commuter towns around but there are four reasons it’s going to get even better, particularly for buy-to-let investors.

Stevenage frequently makes top ten lists of most affordable commuter towns. With only a 25-minute train journey to King’s Cross, the area is incredibly popular with London professionals. Also, the cost of an annual rail pass is only £3,516 a year. That’s half the price of season tickets from other commuter towns. It’s easy to see why many people priced out of London are choosing to move to Stevenage.

This explains, in part, why the town’s population has risen 5.6% over ten years. The residential property market is similarly thriving. Prices have risen by 7.9% in the last twelve months and over 18% over the last five years. That’s higher growth than the rest of the Hertfordshire so there’s a good opportunity for a solid return-on-investment.

This is already great news for buy-to-let investors, but here’s four more reasons buying an investment property in Stevenage right now is a smart move.

Download the free guide – https://www.gladfish.com/property-investment-research/stevenage-best-commuter-towns-for-property-investors


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