Are we facing a double-dip recession?

Brett Alegre-Wood
March 15, 2010

Investment Blog - Double-dip Recession

Welcome to this week's investment blog, so are we facing a double-dip recession, should property investors be worried? We've been talking about a house price stall for a while and now into its second month, arguments have emerged on whether we'll be facing a double-dip recession. As people fear the worst, we'll take a look at the hard facts to see if there's actually anything to worry about.

Don't have time to read the eighty-eight page Financial Risk Outlook report from the FSA? I'll show you what the report has to say and how you can read it in a quarter of the time but still grasp a full understanding of the report.

Good news as banks undergo FSA stress test to ensure more capital is kept aside for a various eventuality. Will it make it a safer place for an investor with this Double-Dip Recession?

The return of BTL remortgaging? Ray Boulger from Charcoal comments on the end of the remortgage desert and how we'll start to see better rates at higher LTVs, increase building society SVRs and energy back in the property market. Let's take a look at what we need to do to get back on track.

Brett's thought of the week  I predict the lull will be around until June/July as there's still lots of risks around with unemployment, public debt and the weak pound. But if you take a look between the worse case and best case scenario, we're still doing a lot better even there is Double-Dip Recession.

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