Brexit Deal… Not So Quick

Brett Alegre-Wood
October 18, 2019

Does Boris have the Votes?

Video Transcription:

Hi guys. I think one of the things that a lot of people are missing, and actually people are starting to talk about it now a bit more, they've got a deal. So the deal's there, obviously it still has to pass Europe, they still have to sign it off, but that's pretty much a foregone conclusion I think. But then it's got to come back and our Parliament has to sign it.

Now the problem is is Boris has a minority government right now. So he really needs the support. I mean Labour said they won't support it, Lib Dems say they won't support it. The DUP said they won't support it. So without those people he's pretty much screwed because he hasn't got a majority. And this is the real key here is what he's going to need is all of his people not to vote against it, which means not only does he not have that support, he's relying on people in his own party to vote for him, which isn't a foregone conclusion as we've seen recently.

But the other side is, is that he has to have some of the Labour ministers, who are prepared to not go against their Whip, and that basically tells them how to vote, and they've got to go against that and vote with the deal. So it's not a foregone conclusion. I think that's a mistake that a lot of people are thinking right now is that this is a, it's going to happen and it's great, celebration. I've had so many texts and, and WhatsApps and you're going, "Hey, got a deal. That's great news." And it's like, nah, got a deal, and actually getting that deal through are very different things.

So I mean the positive thing for us is that we'll know either way, what will be happening on Saturday. So let's wait until then, but unfortunately it's not done yet. So don't go out and jump for joy just yet. Hold it until maybe early next week. And look, jump for joy. It's probably the wrong thing to say even so because at the end of the day, we're talking about we are leaving. If that deal goes through, we're leaving the EU.

And I know that's very, it's very one side, two sided where, and you're either this or that. Let's see. I mean, I'm hoping that we get the Singapore style type. Once we leave, we start negotiating these deals with other countries and we create our unique selling proposition from a marketing perspective of the country. Because that's what we have to do if we really want to make a success of it, considering we're now leaving a big part, we're a small piece of a reasonably big piece in a bigger piece, and we're now going to be a reasonably big piece in a massive piece. So let's see how we go. Be all right? Excellent guys, have a great day. Live with passion. See you.


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