Brexit the longest Goodbye!

Brett Alegre-Wood
December 20, 2019

Video Transcription:

It's funny, the old Brexit thing, it's almost like the longest goodbye. It reminds me of an Laurel and Hardy skit, basically. I'll play it for you now anyway. So I think that's pretty much sums up Brexit so far, plenty of goodbyes. But the amazing thing is is we're going to go through Brexit, we're going to get Brexit or not get Brexit, but let's say we get Brexit, and then we're immediately going to be saying hello again and renegotiating a deal with them, which will be a lesser deal than what we had. So it's really an interesting, "Do we win back our freedom? Do we win back all this?" Look, we never really lost it.

To be fair, most of the legislation the EU is bringing in actually is pretty cool legislation, to be honest. Yes, some of its bureaucracy, and I agree the EU is full of bureaucracy, but where isn't these days? I mean, governments are over-bloated. They're ineffective. They need to be disrupted. The problem is, because they're making the laws, well, they'll change the laws to make sure they stay in power.

But realistically, a lot of what government does could be better done with the latest AI and things like that. And I think we will start to see, over the coming years and decades, governments becoming less and less effective and becoming bloated and expensive. We already have that. But I mean, even more so, to the point where we go, "Do we really need these monkeys at the top of the tree?" And I don't think we do, not for a large degree. I mean, there is certain functions, yes, okay, fine. But the reality is the right to vote and the ability to vote, does that really mean we get somebody that represents us? I don't really think so. I think to a large degree, they're not really representing us. And I don't think anyone jokes or even thinks that that's the case anymore. They're looking after themselves, they're looking after their party, and that's pretty much where it comes down to.

But yeah. So look, guys. I mean, wow. So look, guys. Wow. But anyway, yeah. So goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. And let's just hope the wheels don't fall off or the wheel doesn't go flat on Brexit after Brexit, that we can actually really nail the unique points about the UK. If you treat it like a corporation and find out what its brand is, what its unique selling proposition is, and express those out in the marketplace and do deals based on that and really get a sense for how we can grow that corporation, UK Inc. Yeah.

So hopefully. Here's hoping. 

Anyway guys, have a great day. 

Live with passion. See you later.


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