Can the government’s wallet tame the recession?

Brett Alegre-Wood
July 23, 2009

Property Investment News – plus some exciting new investments

As the market fluctuates and uncertainty about how the government wallet can tame recession still holding back property investors, we've found some great opportunities overseas with both capital and rental guarantees for added security.

We'll continue with last week's topic on the banking system as news filters through that the FSA may close for good. The question is can the Bank of England thru the government wallet regain control and kick the economy back into shape.

This week's property investment newsCan the government's wallet tame the recession?

Mixed messages on house prices; on one side the national newspapers tell us how house prices are rising, on the other we see the National Institute of Economic and Social Research telling us we're going to see falls for another 2 years. Who should we believe? Either way it looks like house prices are on the road to recovery.

Gordon Brown says spending is good for the economy, he's certainly backing this up as we see a deficit of £9.9 billion from the government each month. Can spending really impact on the natural cycle of recession? One thing we do know is that if money is spent well then opportunities will follow.

And finally, we end this week with a warning from the banking giants do not manipulate your financial details as lenders have a way of tracking data. So, if you earn £25,000 tell them you earn £25,000.

As always, if you have any questions or want to have a chat about current opportunities and learn more about how the government wallet can tame recession, call the team on 0207 812 1255 or

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