Castlefield Manchester Property Investment: Astounding Regenerations is Shooting Up Prices as Demands Grow

Castlefield has experienced some of the most astounding regeneration in Manchester, with more coming in the pipeline. Attractive housing paired with a stunning location guarantees Castlefield Manchester Property Investment to always be in high demand, especially if buyers are working for the tech industries just in the vicinity and are running on higher wages. 

Further regeneration plans in transport links, employment opportunities, and the area's leisure aspect, prices are guaranteed to shoot up, especially if they are presented to the target market with a Castlefield Manchester Property Investment demand that only keeps growing.

Sitting proudly right at the heart of Manchester's city centre, Castlefield is a luxurious property investment hotspot that has seen significant growth and regenerations in the past 2 decades. 

Castlefield Manchester Property Investment: Luxury Living At Its Finest But With An Abundance of Open Parks and Playspaces

Playspace, parks, and open spaces are everywhere, making it a premier hotspot for property investors- especially those that would like to cater to families with children seeking to enjoy luxury living with a demand that only continues to grow over time. 

It is a former industrial area that offers attractive baroque style housing and canal-side property. Over the years, Castlefield transformed into an exciting investment area dotted with waterside apartments, bars, restaurants, and complex industries.

The area is well known throughout Greater Manchester for its cobbled streets, canals, and casual atmosphere. However, while it boasts of its rich industrial history with remarkable properties that pay homage to these roots, an exciting array of bars and restaurants that have sprouted over the years have turned Castlefield into much more than a place of work.

Storng Connectivity and Transport Links

Castlefield Manchester Property Investment also boasts of its strong connectivity and transport links that connect Manchester not just to the rest of the UK, but to the entire world. With tram stops, train stations, motorways and an airport just a short journey from Manchester's city centre making it an attractive area for everyone from traveling professionals to new families.

With an average of a 6% increase within 12 months, Manchester's investment potential is only increasing. And with plenty of exciting regenerations in the area and investment opportunities from stunning one- and two-bedroom apartments to Duplex Penthouses with rooftop gardens, there's a perfect property that fits any budget.

Growing Demand in the Castlefield, Manchester Area ideal for long-term investment

As this popular part of the city continues to thrive, the demand for property within the area increases. So, whether you're looking for something long-term or a quick return on investment, our available properties are the perfect opportunity to add Manchester's thriving market to your portfolio.

Property prices in Castlefield are on the more expensive side compared to other areas we have mentioned. Rightmove's average price is £252,136, but it is up 15% on the previous year.

Castlefield: An inner-city oasis of arts and culture

Castlefield is a city oasis of quaint cobbled streets, canals, and waterside al fresco wining and dining. It is home to Britain's first Urban Heritage Park – with its well-known canal basin, large open spaces, converted mills, bridges, and viaducts – making it one of the city's most popular residential areas. 

It is particularly popular with professionals who make the most out of the lifestyle benefits just a stone- throw away from the city centre and superb road and rail access.

Among the attractions in the area, are the famous Castlefield Bowl outdoor arena, The Castlefield Gallery, and the popular Museum of Science and Industry.

Castlefield is a haven at the heart of the city offering a calmer and relaxed way of life – but you can be sure that, when the bright lights of the city centre calls to you, you will always be just a doorstep away. Castlefield has proven over the years to deliver the finest of city living. 

Developments in Castlefield offer stylish homes, convenience, and easy access to appealing outdoor space at the heart of Manchester – plus excellent bus, rail, tram, and motorway links. It's a compelling combination for savvy property investors.

Read more about our Castlefield, Manchester Property Investment Hotspot series below. If you're interested in running through our local Manchester new build developments, chat with the team on 02079236100 or book a time.

Brett Alegre-wood
August 11, 2021

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