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Economic and population growth is boosting returns in Manchester

Manchester is a dynamic city with bags of investment potential

Our clients already knew what Manchester City Council recently confirmed: Manchester is one of Europe’s fastest-growing city economies. As we’ve been saying for a couple of years now, the city’s economic growth is the power behind the strong growth in jobs and increase in population – and this is fuelling demand for homes in and around the city. Great news for property investors and our prediction is that Manchester is likely to stay a property hotspot for some time to come. Read More

4 reasons Manchester is an incredible place to invest in property

When businesses and people love a city, property investors should, too

When I first started investing in property, it was because it made such good sense to do so. Control over your investment, great rental income, fantastic capital gains and the benefits from leveraging are among the reasons why investing in property beats all other investments. To capitalise from all these huge benefits, all you need to do is buy in the best places to invest in property UK. Read More
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7 reasons to invest in Manchester property before 2019

Affordable property with high rental yields in a growing city

Offering high rates of capital growth and exceptional rental yields, Manchester is one of the UK’s stand-out locations for buy-to-let property investment. It benefits from a strong local economy, high population growth, and all-round appeal as a place to live. Here are seven reasons you should be considering investing in property in Manchester. Read More
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Why overseas investors are gobbling up property in Manchester

Manchester is a mecca for buy-to-let investment

Manchester has become a magnet for property investors from the UK and abroad. It benefits from terrific transport connections, exceptional educational establishments, and a hyper-effective economic policy that is transforming the regional economy. It’s a lifestyle city, with the best of urban life and rural recreation within easy reach of all residents. Read More
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Manchester Property Investment Guide

Huge Government investment in one of the UK’s highest yield cities

The Government has big plans for Manchester and the North of England. In 2014 the Government committed £476.7 million to boost economic growth in Manchester and now they’re adding £56.6 million more. That gives a total pot of £533.3 million funding to boost growth, develop infrastructure, create jobs and stimulate inward investment. Read More
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Property investors see investments grow in booming Manchester

Manchester, the second capital of the UK

­Manchester is referred to as the UK’s second capital thanks to its booming economy, and the city is an attractive alternative for young professionals priced out of London. In fact, Manchester has become so attractive, 54,000 people moved here since 2009, and it's estimated another 96,000 will live in Manchester by 2024. Read More