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Property Investment News – Bank bailout

Property Investment News - Bank Bailout

Welcome to this week's investment news update and before I forget 'Happy Australia day!' This week, it's a bank bailout special, and I'll be devoting this week's property investment news update to the subject of bailouts. What exactly is a bailout, who's behind them, and what do they hope to achieve? Did the previous one work? Will the new one work? What are the implications if it doesn't? Read More
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Bankruptcy and property portfolio lessons

More affordable property

I had a good weekend with an offer being accepted at half the asking price on a property we were looking at. I also look at how the property is becoming much much more affordable to buy now that prices have dropped. Good news if you are looking to jump back in the market but were concerned about your income. We also look at the spike in interest in property in the UK and how this is not leading to sales because of mortgage availability and affordability. Read More
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