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Renting UK Property

Post UK Election – Two Impacts of Renting Property

Video Transcription: Hi, guys. So, Tory majority and its effect on lettings, and actually landlords and how we’re going to be letting our properties and that sort of thing and what really is in the manifesto. The interesting thing with the manifesto, there wasn’t a lot on housing. Really the focus was on Brexit and getting […]

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Property News – Brexit Update

Video Transcription:Hey guys, so Bretts Property Rants. So, I thought I’d jump into the Brexit thing. I’ve actually had a couple of, break for a couple of weeks on it. Because to be fair there was so much happening and nothing happening at all. And I think, you know, just having had a couple of weeks […]

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Tenant Fee Ban – How it really affects UK Property Investors

The Tenant Fee Ban is on every agent’s lips and although for landlords they may be blissfully unaware that their costs are about to rise. Can the market rise rents in time? Will the costs be passed back to the tenants? Effortless Property Investment… Done For You! Video Transcription: Hey guys, Brett Alegre-Wood here, chairman of YPC and […]

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UK Property News – 20 Oct 2018

Video Transcription:  Hi, guys. So welcome to this week’s “Property News.” So this week actually, it’s quite a boring week this week. And the problem is, is every week, what I do, is I sit down, and I look at the property news, and I type UK property news or UK Brexit news or all these […]

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UK Property News – 27 Sep 2018

Video Transcription:  Hi guys? So the Hometrack Data has come out today and this is looking at the cities of the UK. And one of the great things right now, I mean, Liverpool has come out the best with 7.5% growth. And I mean, it’s all the way down London which, you know, minus two sort […]

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UK Property News – 25 Sep 2018

Video Transcription:  Hey, guys. So welcome to, well, live, my first live outing for the Property News. So I’m gonna be doing this every week now because I think you know, going to live saves a lot of editing time, saves a lot, you know, I put more time into researching. But the great thing is, […]

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UK Property News – 16 Sep 2018

Video Transcription:   Hey guys. So, welcome to “Property News” this week. So, we’re coming to you from the actual Isle of Wight. Better jump on the ferry across here. And we’re gonna look to a way to make income and avoid all the tax issues. I think… So it’s a new product that I’m launching over […]

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UK Property News – 8 Oct 2018

Video Transcription:  Hey, guys, coming to you this week from Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, so I’ll get some cool views in the background, which should be pretty cool. But anyway, so this week, look, you know, it’s getting quite boring by saying the same thing every single time, which is basically that house prices still […]

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UK Property News – 12 Nov 2018

Video Transcription:  Hey, guys. So I just want to give a bit of an Expressit update on things. Just it’s really interesting because obviously, I said before that we’re going to get a Brexit deal, and it looks like we are. They’re down to the last few points, but of course, what’s happening now, which is […]

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UK Property News – 08 Sep 2018

Video Transcription:  Hey, guys. This week’s Property News, I’m coming to you from Leeds city centre, just amazing things happening here. And it’s just the river and the canals actually, but basically, this week, amazing things. I was actually expecting house prices to come down and the reports from all this to come out and say […]

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