Could this little mistake cost the Coalition the election?

Investment blog – One costly mistake

Being in business, you have to try to anticipate the future. It’s imperative. It’s what helps my business stay successful. Labour is doing just that.

So what’s Labour’s policy announcement that’s got me so excited?

Well Australia is known to have very slow internet download capabilities. With it being so slow, companies that do business online will suffer the consequences. Julia Gillard of the Labour party is the only one who sees the light. I mean literally, the light of the fibre optics cable. She has proposed to change the slow copper service by updating it with Fibre Optic cables which are much much faster and can handle much much more data. Unfortunately Tony Abbot has missed this point and is opting for a rehash of the existing cables. Thumbs up to Labour, and a huge massive thumbs down for the Coalition.

She’s also proposed to slow down the rate of growth of our population. This could be good and bad news for the housing market.

In other investment news – are interest rates going to rise before Christmas? I’ll look at all the factors that could play a part and you can make up your own mind.

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