Do you run seminars or courses? – Property Rant 030

Great question and the answer is pretty much ‘Not Anymore’ I have moved across to using video and webinars are my preferred channels now. More importantly, I give the one URL that you should remember as I am pumping out the content these days with a video almost every day and articles, books so whatever you need is at this one URL.

Video Transcription

Hey, guys. Property search...Think Gladfish. I'm Brett Alegre-Wood, and this is Property Rant.

So, today's question is, "Do you run seminars and courses?" and the short answer is not really,

It's true, I'm speaking, and I'm going to be speaking a lot more. But in actuality, physical seminars...I'm doing less and less of educational seminars. And the reason is, quite simply, that the market has moved, okay? People are online now, so the webinar, you know, has become the new seminar, and, you know, videos have become the new blogs.

So, you'll see lots and lots of videos. I mean, I've committed to 200 videos in 2017. I'm currently 17% of my way through the videos. We've got a backlog of them in production, so that's great. So, you know, that goal is actually being achieved, and hopefully I'll be well and truly over the 200, which is the key, you know.

As well, I'm doing webinars which, the webinars, in March we're going to start launching and getting into...I've got seven different types of webinars covering all different aspects of property investment. So, that's where you can actually get live with me and ask me questions, and that'll be really interactive, which I'm really looking forward to that, actually. I haven't done webinars for a long time. So, that's the key. So, the reality is if you want to find out more information about when they are, and where they are, and where you can get the videos and the blogs, just go to

That's all the education, so that's your one point. If that's the one URL that you remember, just remember and that will take you to all my education. My videos, my blogs, transcripts, webinars, everything like that. You can also go specifically to the webinar page that we're creating which is

So, two words: academy, and webinars. And if you remember those then, you know, you'll have everything. Now, are we doing physical seminars and things like that. Not so much seminars, but what we're moving towards is doing more site visits, where we invite you along and we put know, it might be at nighttime. We put on canapes or whatever, bit of champagne, maybe, and we go for a bit of a site visit and have a look at an actual site, and we have the developer there, and we're going to continue doing that. So, we did them in 2016. They were very successful and well-attended, and, you know, you have a great night.

The other side is the day. We'll do it on weekends, as well, so daytimes where we can come along. We'll go see the site in the morning, and then have some lunch, and that's a great way to meet the team and really get to know them, and really get to see the type of relationships we've got in the process.

So guys, that hopefully answers that question.

Have a great day. Live with passion.

Brett Alegre-Wood
February 21, 2017

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