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You’re never too young to start in property investment

How a property investor just retired at 28 years old

Yep, you read that right. I’ve just read a story about a young guy who has retired from his day job, thanks to his investment property portfolio. While he lives and invests in my old backyard (well, nearly − he resides in West Sydney), his story should prove to anyone of any age that it is neither too early nor too late to start investing in property and change your life. When you read his story, you’ll also realise that an investment property portfolio is within reach of everyone, no matter your education or earnings. Before I recount the story of 28-year-old Tony Fleming, I want to take a look at reasons you should make a property investment your first (or next) property purchase. Read More

Could this overlooked UK city produce turbo-charged profits?

It’s time to ignore the experts who got it so wrong and invest in London

Hey, I want to let you into a secret. There’s a city in the UK that looks ripe for property investors to plunder. Yet it has been largely overlooked, and average house prices there have stagnated over the last 12 months. What makes me confident about the potential to profit from long-term property investment in this ‘forgotten’ city? Here are just a few of the reasons: Read More

What happens if I change my mind about a property investment?

Use the off-plan property contract to avoid an expensive embarrassment

I recently read a story from my home turf, Australia. It detailed the story of a couple of property investors who had agreed to buy a property for almost $4.5 million. They had second thoughts and sent an email to the agent requesting a pull-out before the end of the cooling-off period. A day later, they were told they couldn’t back out. They hadn’t posted their retraction correctly, and the seller was holding them to the contract. Within weeks the seller had sold the property to another buyer at a lower price. The original couple sued for their deposit of $350,000. The seller countersued, claiming the $400,000 loss from the original sale price, and a bunch of costs. In court, the seller won. That one mistake – lodging the back-out incorrectly – cost the couple almost $1 million. Here I detail the things to do to make sure you never get into a similar situation. Read More
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