Factoring UK property tax into your buy-to-let investment strategy

With the recent Property Tax Changes, you now have to take seriously…

Whatever your own particular investment profile, level of experience or portfolio size, there is one thing that is common to all investors: the government is going to want its pound of flesh in the form of tax. Many of us talk about how to avoid it, some I am sure even do things that would be classed as evading it, but regardless of how much you agree with it or not you are going to have to pay it.

Death and taxes, they are inevitable… and like every human alive I am sure, you've ignored both for as long as possible but eventually they catch up with you.

Here's what I did up until now!

In fact, I largely ignored it. I had well into over a million pounds in debt attached to my properties. Sure, I would put in my tax return each year, but I didn’t really take it seriously, I preferred to focus on the making the money side of things, and it paid off.

Now, I’m a big believer in the only real reason for investing in property is to change your lifestyle.

That may mean having the time to spend with your children or grandchildren; or being able to travel the world; or park the latest supercar on your drive; or help in charitable causes. Whatever your personal goals and lifetime ambitions, passive income from property investment is the most powerful way of achieving them.

In fact, my vision in business is:

A Simple Idea… Your Home + 3 Properties = Change your World.

My bestselling book, The 3+1 Plan explains how to achieve this in detail. My whole business is set up to help others achieve it, regardless of circumstances. My values are all around everyone being able to get to a position of changing their life, changing your life, in whatever way you choose.

For me this simple plan is a formula, 4 properties = change your world, every time. Even with the changes we will discuss in this book, the formula still holds true.

So, when you invest, one of your main concerns must be that of cash flow. Without the right cash flow for your personal circumstances you won’t be able to achieve all of your aims.

Are you prepared for tax?

If you are prepared for tax, then you’ll be able to factor the taxman into your property investment strategy, and, contrary to popular belief, you will even find that some of the tax laws work in your favour. But if you are not armed with appropriate knowledge before investing, you’ll never make the best investment decisions.

I’m not suggesting that you should fly solo on your tax

When you complete your self-assessment, get a tax specialist on board to ensure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. I do. But right at the outset, before you purchase your first buy-to-let property and then before you add to your growing property portfolio, if you know the tax regime that you are investing under you’ll make better investment decisions and benefit with better cash flow.

In fact, whatever you thought in the past, and I am guilty of this, you now really need to have a tax professional on your side before you buy the property and for the duration you keep the portfolio. It’s an added cost but until they simplify the taxes you need to take all the avoidance steps you can.

UK Property Tax book

In my latest book, UK Property Tax book, we explore the most current tax issues after UK Budget 2016 that are important to property investors.

Most importantly, we’re going to examine the changes that will affect buy-to-let investors through 2016 and beyond and get to the bottom of how they will affect you as a property investor.

Finally, we’ll let you in on how you can minimise the tax you’ll need to pay under the new tax rules.

Download the free copy of the book by clicking the download button below.

Live with passion and fun,

Brett Alegre-Wood

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Brett Alegre-Wood
March 29, 2016

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