For the record: Clarifying The 3+1 Plan book

Brett Alegre-Wood
October 19, 2009

Calrifying somthing,

It's an interesting experience releasing a book. It's both gratifying and frustrating.

Gratifying when people read it and get value from it; frustrating when people don't read it, and instead make assumptions about what they presume is in it. (I'm talking primarily about journalists and industry commentators here.)

Understand that I'm not blaming them for not reading the book because from the start, it's obvious they have quite a negative view on property views that are, unfortunately ‘set in stone' and can't change, no matter what. And that's a shame.

But interestingly, the journalists and commentators who took the time to read the book have given great reviews.

In any case I thought I would take the time to address their misconceptions about my advice in the book. The following points also go to the very fabric of what we're about here at Gladfish.

  • I am not proposing that you should focus solely on property investment as a means to your pension. I am definitely saying that you shouldn't just rely on your traditional pension. Especially if you realise that it's not working for you.
  • I have never said that it is definite that prices will double every 7-10 years. I do say that it is the biggest assumption we make as investors. Additionally, I also believe that even if it doesn't double in 7 to 10 years then the principles that I talk about in The 3+1 Plan and my website will still work it will just take longer.
  • I have never said that property investment is an easy way to riches. The opposite in fact. You are going to have to do some work, change the way you think and even go through some sleepless nights. If anyone tells you that you'll be an overnight millionaire with property investment, I suggest that you run the other way.
  • I have never said that I will make people millionaires. I do say that I help people with become empowered to make decisions that will change their life and that one of the by-products may be that you become a millionaire, although this will depend on your individual goals.
  • I am never one to promote ‘get rich quick' methods. I am more of a ‘get rich slow' guy. That's generally the way you need to build it if it's to be lasting. I have watched far too many ‘property gurus' speaking over how quickly they build their property portfolios. Very few are here now — the recession sorted them out. (And just between you and me, what really sorted them out was their own egos.)
  • I am not claiming to be a “property guru”. Instead, I am a guy who has spent more than 15 years working and investing in property. You can do the same as me given enough time and doing the same I do, which is buy property and hold it. Rather simple really when you give it enough time. I also tend to have the ability to rant on about the subject of property investment which makes sense to most people.
  • Gladfish is not a company focused on selling you property at all cost. In fact, when you speak to many of our clients you'll find that we actually stop you from buying many times depending on your individual circumstances. That's why we say ‘1,2 STOP' and ‘5 and HOLD'. These strategies are aimed at stopping you at various points to get everything in order before you continue investing.

I do hope this makes some sense and clears up any misconceptions you may have about The 3+1 plan or the subjects discussed within, but of course, the best way to understand what I'm really saying is just to read the book!

If you want further explanations or clarifications, give the team a call on +44 (0)207 923 6100.

Live with passion,
Brett Alegre-Wood


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