Growing 20,000+ Student Population of Salford Education Sector Contributes To Salford’s Status As A Property Investment Hotspot

Salford Education Sector has experienced a surge in student population over the past years, and investors see this opportunity for the city to become a hotbed for property investment. The main contributor to growth is the ballooning population of around 262,700 people, with an expected increase of 11% by 2037 and the domino effect of the new housing and new households migrating into the city.

Another contributor is the University of Salford and nearby universities which attract domestic and international students to enrol and live in the city. Plus, with Salford City Council’s Plan to promote Salford as a Learning City, there’ll be no doubt that Salford Education Sector will continue to boost not only its property investment opportunities but Greater Manchester’s economy as well.

Salford Education Scene Supports Greater Manchester’s Economic Growth, Thereby Also Promoting Property Investment

The role of education in supporting economic growth is crucial, not only by providing high-level qualifications to the population but also by providing research activities, connections to the business community, and the creation of spin-off companies. What this means for investors is that a developing economy strengthens property investment opportunities.

As there is also a continued increase in the requirement for early years, primary school, and secondary places in Salford, a further expansion of educational sites across all age ranges is expected. 

This specifically means extending existing facilities, providing new buildings, new employment opportunities, and more housing demands as the Salford Government focuses its resources on widening educational choices.

Salford Schools and Education

Property Investors See Massive Investment Opportunities With Salford And Manchester’s Increasing Student Population

Salford is a thriving student city. With the University of Salford’s population of 20,000+ students and Manchester’s 70,000+ students, Salford is becoming a bright spot for investors looking to build their property portfolios. 

As the student population continues to grow and as the thriving Salford Education Sector pursues the establishment of new educational places, it is crucial to sustain local neighbourhoods with new housing developments. 

This is to provide an early solution to the foreseen problem of overcrowding so that people will not need to relocate or travel long distances to access educational facilities.

Taking A Closer Look At the University Of Salford And The Manchester College As Key Drivers For Buy To Let Properties

The University of Salford is 1.6 kilometres west of Manchester city centre, and is one of the key campuses in the heart of Greater Manchester with much student and academic activity.

It’s also one of the go-to universities of local and expat students, along with The Manchester College. With a huge student population in these universities, new housing developments in Salford and the surrounding areas should cater to the growing number of tenants. 

University of Salford

The University of Salford is one of the largest employers in Salford, a key contributor to its economic growth. The campus area offers multiple opportunities to enhance business connections within and outside the university, including the Salford Innovation Park.

Along with these opportunities is the enhancement of accessibility and transport links of the university campuses. This also includes improving student accommodations available within and close to the campuses. This means that buy-to-let properties will be very attractive for expat students studying in Manchester city centre.

Salford Property Investment Hotspot

The city of Manchester has been attracting international students from all around the world since it is known as a city of industry and innovation, research and development, and of higher learning. And since the city requires more housing for these students, Salford is becoming one of the choices for expats looking for apartments.

The Manchester College

The Manchester College is the United Kingdom's most prominent provider of further education. It has more than ten campuses across Manchester City Centre, and it’s only 5 minutes drive from Salford. 

As Manchester College does not provide its own accommodation, most students rent private apartments, and Salford is one of the attractive places to rent since transportation is not a problem. Students have discount cards for public transport and more often have access to unlimited bus travel around Greater Manchester.

Salford City Council Is On A Mission To Strengthen Salford As A Learning City

As there have been improvements in Salford Education Sector over the years, Salford City Council plans to continue enhancing the educational facilities and campuses of the University of Salford. This means a positive effect on the attractiveness of Salford property investments with the growing number of students and employees looking for apartments.

The improvements include an increase in the proportion of staff, students and visitors who access the university, plus the movement between its campuses, by public transport, cycling and walking. Secondly, the Council seeks to improve the quality of newly built developments, the public realm, and the vibrancy of Peel Park and Frederick Road area to improve their overall appeal to students, residents, and visitors.

Salford Education Sector is a big draw for investors — with over 20,000 students in Salford University and nearby Manchester’s universities, there is a constant demand for accommodation. Added to that are the excellent transport links, buzzing Salford shops and leisure scene, making Salford such a popular place to invest in property. If you want to know more about how you could benefit from Salford property investment, book a chat with our team or call us on 02079236100.

Brett Alegre-wood
April 14, 2022

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