Salford Transport Links And Accessibility To Nearby Booming Cities Revitalise Its Property Investment

Salford Transport Links make the city a convenient place to live and do business. In fact, with its excellent transport connections, Salford is on the top list of the UK’s great places for property investment. 

What's more is that there are new and upcoming convenient places to live and work in Salford. There is also a growing population which demands more housing, so you can be sure that your property investment will gain capital growth and rental income. 

Salford Existing Transport and Connectivity

Salford is well connected to other cities through its strategic rail, road, and water infrastructure. Public transport mainly served the majority of the city areas with routes into the City Centre. Its road connections are the A6, A580, M602 from Salford to Manchester and M60 — all providing ample connections to other road networks across the UK.

Parts of Salford are also connected to Greater Manchester’s Metrolink tram network, which runs from Eccles to Manchester, and on to Bury and Altrincham – making it an excellent location for tenants who commute.

Salford Transport Links And Accessibility

And for tourists and expat investors, Salford is only 20 minutes away by road from Manchester Airport, which offers hundreds of national and international flights.

For Salford’s residents, there’s also a comprehensive schedule of bus services and two main rail stations — Salford Central and Salford Crescent. Plus, other smaller stations are going to Wigan, Liverpool and beyond.

Salford’s Excellent Connectivity To Manchester And Beyond

There are many transport options available for Salford's residents working in both Manchester and Salford, so property investors wouldn’t find it hard to look for tenants working in the area for their buy-to-let properties.

As part of the Salford Local Plan, the Salford Crescent Station will be transformed into a major public transport interchange. The plan also includes further improvements to Salford Central Station. To boost connectivity, a plan is being considered to have a new Metrolink line in Salford Quays and Salford Crescent Station. These improvements include pedestrian access and cycle lane developments.

Salford is also extremely well connected to Manchester via the Metrolink, as well as roads and bus services. You can easily get to the Manchester city centre in about 20 minutes. With its close proximity to Manchester’s rail stations and bus stops, Salford has access to numerous transport options and links.

More transport infrastructure is also being developed in Salford to enhance connectivity further and promote sustainable development, which, in turn, will positively affect Salford property investment. The UK’s first tri-modal inland waterway port — Port Salford, which is being served by ship, rail, and road, will undergo regeneration to further improve its local and regional connections. 

How Does Salford City Council’s Plan Improve Its Transport Links And Property Investments? 

Part of Salford City Council's Plan is to improve Salford Transport Links so that employment, education, and retail and leisure opportunities will be accessible for everyone within and around Salford. This also contributes to the booming Salford property investments.

The plan includes increasing the proportion of trips by public transport, as 37% of Salford households do not have access to cars. All of these will contribute to delivering sustainable development in Salford and supporting economic growth.

Salford Transport Links

To manage the travel demand, public transport schemes will be supported. Part of this plan is the expansion of the Metrolink system in Salford, including the extension of the Trafford Park line to the stadium and Port Salford.

The plan also includes the development of further public transport links into the City Centre’s existing rail stations, employment, cultural and leisure opportunities. Plus, new and improved public transport interchanges are being developed, focusing mainly on the town centres and rail stations. 

These are intended not only to help businesses thrive in Salford but also to provide residents easier access to cities nearby, such as Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, and Sheffield, as well as Birmingham and all the way to London. Thanks largely to these improvements, it will bring many benefits for property investors seeking to build their portfolios in Salford. 

Salford Transport Links are fantastic, making it a convenient place to live and do business. And with all the new developments happening in the area, now is an excellent time to learn more about it. If you have any questions or want to chat about Salford property investment, don't hesitate to chat with our team – we'd be happy to help. Contact us on 02079236100 today

Brett Alegre-wood
April 7, 2022

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