Investment News – £130bn to save UK banks

Investment News – Slow and steady progress

We’ve just wrapped up a very busy week, culminating in a fantastic book launch at Borders, Charing Cross.

If you didn’t make it down then check out the video on our blog. A big thank you for those who’ve purchased the 3+1 Plan book. We are still on the Top 100 List on Amazon and if you’re interested in picking up a copy then pop over to the website.

Anyway let’s get back to the Weekly Investment News and we find out why banks are still holding back lending. With debts of £130bn, it’s going to take more than a few years for them to move their balance sheets out of the red. Find out why I think foreign banks might eventually take over some of the UK banks.

But this is not all doom and gloom for lenders – as the market improves and confidence starts to grow, we’ll see lending criteria relax to allow more lending.

I’ll take you back to my 2009 predictions from January and see how they match the figures over the year. It’ll be interesting to see how the last three months compare with the projection.

We’ll also talk about supply and demand. In August the house prices actually raised due to lack of supply, but don’t think this is the only factor that affects property prices. We discuss some other factors in the video.

And finally, do you think you can stay away from the news for 6 months? I’ll tell you why a break from the newsroom may leave you enlightened!

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