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An attractive option for your pension.

The good news about recent property performances seems to have even filtered through to those in charge of managing pensions. A recent survey carried out by the publication Pensions Week found that property was the most promising alternative investment class for the next five years along with commodities. UK property in particular was a popular choice with respondents, particularly in reference to their expected high return over the next ten years.
Nevertheless, it seems that not all pension investors have been heeding their own advice.

Personal pension advice:

With the heavy losses of up to a third of their value in the first quarter of the year, many pension schemes have taken to amassing a large proportion of their total fund value in cash. Whilst this may seem a prudent move, it means many have missed out on investment opportunities because they are so heavily skewed towards cash.

Then there is the issue of return.

The interest rate on pension cash accounts is low. With most accounts paying less than 1%, that is canceled out by inflation. This is leading to many more people to take an active role in their pension plans with 25% of pension administrators seeing clients increase their investments in self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs).

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