London’s next Hotspot 2020… Why I think Southall will be the place to invest

Brett Alegre-Wood
November 28, 2019

Video Transcription:

I just want to tell you a story about what I think is the next hotspot. And the hotspot I think, in London in particular, is called Southall and the reason I think of that area is because as we've been tracking trends and we're tracking things through the London marketplace, I think one of the key things is a change in fundamentals. And so, quite a few times now I think seven different areas across London, we've actually been able to get in early and make money for clients very, very quickly. Relatively. I'm not talking about three months and six months. I'm talking about a year or two, three years, four years, five years down the track.

And the amazing thing is with that and why I think Southall is because we're seeing a tremendous amount of regeneration go in there and I think that's one of the keys to this whole thing. This whole game is you can try and buy below value and try and do that and renovate all that, but for most people, if you don't have the time, then that's not really an option. If you want a set and forget investment and the best way to get those returns and recession proof your property, is to buy in an area that has massive change in fundamentals and Southall currently has that. It looks like what I've seen previously in Royal Arsenal, Kidbrooke, we're talking different areas like that where there's a huge amount of infrastructure going in. Crossrail happened in Royal Arsenal, Crossrail happening in Southall, and that will change. I mean that's massive fundamental changes.

One of the other things, and this is just a quick story, so we've had and I've had this from numerous clients, but what I've actually heard from them is they went and saw the place when we started saying invest here. And I mean, the other day I was having coffee with one of our clients and he said, "I thought I was going to get murdered." And he was talking specifically about Croydon, which was another area that we picked perfectly. And the amazing thing is, when he went and saw it, he thought he was going to get murdered. That was his comments to me. But he still invested and made very good money because of the massive change in fundamentals. Because we got in early enough before the herd, the crowd got in. Okay? And that's what we're suggesting here with Southall, is to get in early and have a look at it. You have to go and see it because it's not a pretty place. Nothing gets you if you live in Southall right now. But it is not the most beautiful place compared to what it will be once all that infrastructure and regeneration happens.

And I think that's the key. I'm not knocking it now, although it's not the sort of place that I will want to live right now. But actually what you'll find as all these new buildings come in and the old buildings get torn down and things start to really take pace, that's where you're really going to notice a difference. So if you haven't, take a look. And this applies for anything, if you can get in early enough for this massive infrastructure that is funded, because that's why there's other things too, funded infrastructure projects. Not plans and idealised and that sort something, actually funded regeneration is what causes prices to go up. So look for that and you'll make money. Okay, guys, have a great day. Live with passion. See you later.


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