My previous investments have not been great. Why will it work now? – Property Rant 042

Brett Alegre-Wood
March 24, 2017

No matter how good you are now, you started as a bumbling idiot… Only through experience will you become a master! Or numbers investor.

Yet so many of us give up before we reach the goal. Failure is not fatal if you keep getting back up.

Don’t let your past hold you back… Keep going, educate yourself, work your strategy and it will work for you now.

Hey, guys. Property Search... Think Gladfish. I'm Brett Alegre-Wood, and this is Property Rant.

So today it's "So my previous investments haven't gone well. Why should they go well now?" And it's interesting. It's almost like so many people, when they start off... And think about anything you've done. Riding a bike, driving a car, whatever it is in life. When did you ever not start as a bumbling idiot? Totally incompetent. And then as you got more experience, you got better and better and better at it. And then just because you've had one or a few mistakes where you may have lost money, there have been bad investments, or whatever it is, whatever the story is, it doesn't matter.

The fact is as long as you take the lesson, leave the baggage. Don't bring the baggage along with you. Take the lessons from that. Yeah. So look at it, leave the baggage, take the lesson, and then you'll become a better investor. And what you'll find is yes, you may have had a few bad investments. You may have had a few things go not your way, but if you learn the lessons and then you apply those lessons going forward, actually, you're going to become a really good, experienced investor.

And the fact is who hasn't started off totally incompetent? I mean, if you think of all the gold medal winners. Speak to any of those. They weren't just naturally gifted and all of a sudden were fantastic. They've built up with training and practice, and training and practice, education, training and practice.

And that's the process for becoming a master at anything. And if you want to become a master in investments, which I suggest you do, yeah, which is a function of education, so reading, watching videos, all that sort of stuff, and then also experience, because you've got education and experience.

Both of those are the only way that you're going to become better and better and better and become what we call a numbers investor or a master at investing where you, majority of the time, make money from your investments, because that doesn't mean that...even the best of us sometimes make a mistake, or we shortcut, or we don't see something happen. "I'm coming." So it does happen, but the reality is there's certain things like you don't put all your eggs in one basket. You do a bit of diversity, but it's how you do that that may just...But look, the thing is don't let your past hold you back from your future.

Don't let the fact that you failed or a few investments didn't work out the first couple of times to stop you ever doing that again. Far too many people in life, in every avenue, yeah, they fail, and they don't get back up. They fail, don't get back up. That is the true definition of failure. Someone who fails or loses money or whatever it is, gets back up and does it again, fails again, does it again, and just keeps getting back up and keeps getting back up. They're the people in life that are successful. We all know this. We've read all the books. We've seen the "Rocky" movies. I mean, we know this. But unfortunately, a lot of us don't apply it in our lives, and we think that we're different, and it can't work for us. No. Guys, that's absolute BS. It can work for you. It will work for you, but you have to get through.

Leave the baggage on those failures. Leave the baggage on those ones where it cost you money, where you made the wrong choice, or perhaps something happened in the market that you weren't aware of. Learn the lessons. Leave the baggage. And when you do that, you will become a successful investor.

Don't let procrastination, don't let fear, don't let your history define your future. Your future is much brighter than that, as long as you take measurable steps and learn those lessons. And that's really what we're here to help you to do. And all the videos I do, all the blogs I write, the books I write, everything is aimed at getting you the education and the experience so you can move forward and become an experienced and successful investor, whatever success means for you.

Okay, guys. Have a great day. Live with passion.


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