New Build Property Investment in Manchester 2023

Are you an overseas investor interested in new build property investment in Manchester, UK? New build properties refer to buildings developers have built that have yet to be lived in. When it comes to purchasing property, there are many different ways an investor can go about the process, whether you want to buy a property to rent out to residents or renovate an older property to sell for a higher value. New build property investment in Manchester is an excellent way to safeguard your finances from abroad, as new build properties in Manchester are the growing regional hotspot for UK property investment.

New Build Property Investment in Manchester From Overseas

A standard option that investors take to invest in new build property is securing land from a developer to act as a landlord for tenants that are renting. Many non-UK investors buy their property to rent it out to UK residents. Another tactic often taken is purchasing property to renovate before selling it for financial gain.

If you are looking for a long-term investment, buying property as a security measure to protect one’s assets is a valued option compared to storing your money in a savings account. Investors take this approach as property values increase faster than a bank savings account can accrue interest, capitalising on their investments.

Decide Your Budget

In new build property investment in Manchester, investors should look to balance their income with their financial goals. How much money you invest in your structure will depend on your pre-calculated budget. You will need to consider the property’s monthly mortgage, safety features and upgrades, and renovation and maintenance fees.

Stunning New Build Property Investment in Manchester

As a non-resident of the UK, one reason to look into UK property investment is their economic and political climates. You will have a dependable, tangible, and safe location to invest. Newly built properties in Manchester offer unique benefits, such as being at an affordable price rate due to foreign currency, while generating income if you choose to rent out the establishment. The demand for homes is increasing at an astonishing rate for residents, and that demand only continues to rise.

As the UK economic house stock growth generates more and more attraction, foreign investors wanting to achieve financial gain should invest in new build properties now, as these investments will only continue to grow in value in the coming years. New build property investment in Manchester is a fantastic opportunity for investors.

The Advantages Of New Build Property Investment In Manchester

As the third largest city in the United Kingdom, Manchester is a popular location for UK property investment. After you have decided upon a budget for your property, you will want to find a site that will garner your interest and financial success. You will want to invest in an environment that is a social hub, near transportation and infrastructure, with a predicted economic position for capital growth. The increasing housing demand to live in Manchester won’t cease anytime soon, indicating the landmark’s financial strength for potential investors.

New Builds Are More Cost-Efficient

The advantage of new build property investment in Manchester compared to an older model is their safety features. People feel more at ease and comfortable in well-maintained homes. While they may cost more than older builds, the maintenance upkeep is generally lower, which will build your credibility and keep unexpected expenses down. Tenants have a better estimate of a newer property’s energy bills, which is an excellent point to bring up during the selling process.

Social Hotspot

Manchester possesses top universities, a thriving cultural background, and excellent job and career opportunities for buyers to take advantage of. People want to live in locations that allow them to connect with their cultures and expand their social circles. Naturally, with the influx of a denser population, rental prices are higher, which would mean a significant investment return if you rent out your property to a resident.

Invest Off-Plan

One unique feature of new build properties in Manchester is the opportunity to choose an investment off-plan during the property planning or construction process. An investment off-plan will offer you various Manchester properties based on your investment goals. You can save high costs with the flexibility of investing off-plans as you can determine which plot of land or unit you want to invest in.


Manchester is a popular area for new build structures. Taking consideration of the average prices, change in homes, and average personal well-being score, Manchester is a safe bet for investments to distribute one’s wealth into. Secure a brand new property and reap financial success as Manchester continues to grow economically. As an investor, you can find accessible and beneficial properties with assistance from real estate agencies in the United Kingdom.

The Disadvantages Of New Build Property Investment In Manchester

When investing in property from overseas, you will need to consider the responsibilities of being a landlord if you plan to rent the location out to Manchester citizens. You will need to be accessible for tenants to reach in case they have any questions or problems arise. If an emergency should occur, you will need to pay for the replacement fee or maintenance costs.

New build property investment in Manchester as a non-UK resident, you will likely need to pay a larger deposit to qualify as a candidate. When applying, ensure you have proper documentation that your rental income will be higher than the property’s monthly mortgage repayment.

Interested in new build property investment in the Manchester area from abroad? If you would like to gather more information about potential investment opportunities and receive the latest offers, research, and assistance in your journey, Gladfish is an excellent source. We’ll handle everything for you so you can enjoy your financial payoff when you engage in a new build property investment in Manchester.

Brett Alegre-wood
January 31, 2023

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