Property Investment News – Gladfish client Chris who built a portfolio of 8 properties

Brett Alegre-Wood
October 11, 2010

The journey of a property investor

In this investment news update you will meet Chris. He's been a client of Gladfish's for just under a year. He's built an impressive, thriving portfolio of 8 properties in just under a year and we asked him to step on camera to talk to Brett about his incredible and inspirational journey.

He'll take you on his journey of success, from discovering us online, meeting Simon (portfolio manager) and his "crayons strategy" right through to experiencing the 24 hour sleep test and completing and letting his first property.

This interview is required viewing if you have a desire to become successful in property investment, and learn how to create more lifestyle options now and in the future.

Keep watch this space for more amazing stories to come!

Susanna Ng
Marketing Assistant


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