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How to build a property portfolio and benefit from BTL rentals

To be a successful investor, think like an investor

I'm often asked how I achieved the success as a property investor. People assume that I am some sort of whizz-kid with a natural flair for picking the right properties for capital gains and rental income. They assume that I was somehow born with the know-how to build a property portfolio. The truth is that the best buy-to-let landlords and property investment gurus worked hard at getting where they are today. Being able to buy the best rental properties and make life-changing income is within your grasp, too. Read More
Building Property Portfolio

Education and emotional intelligence: two foundations for a portfolio

Two foundations for investment.

Starting a portfolio is like learning to drive. At first it seems that there's so much you don't know that its overwhelming. Changing gears, indicating, giving way, checking blind spots, but as you practice all these things become easier and soon enough (once you've passed the test!) all those little tasks become second nature. With the help of some guides of course - its the same with property - check out other property investment guides here.

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