Property Should Be A Box That Makes You Money.

Brett Alegre-Wood
November 5, 2019

Video Transcription:
So, a box that makes you money. So that's how I view property. And I think as you get more experience, you'll realise how true this is. The emotions fade away. All the bull crap fades away in terms of a tenant does this or this happens in regulations, and all these sorts of things that as a beginner investor, you think that the sky's falling in.

So how do we get to become this person that views of box that makes you money? Property is a box that makes you money. And I think the reality is, it's a process, so you have to go through. I talk about my one-two-stop strategy, my five-and-hold strategy, and generally I'm fine. At about that five and hold strategy is where you start to get mastery of your emotions.

Now, certainly after a couple of properties and a bit of time, yeah, you're probably pretty comfortable, but you're probably still at the point where you go, "Oh, five properties, that's another kettle of fish," and it is. It's another kettle of, fish. In terms of, if you don't have the systems and processes and all that sort of stuff, then you're going to start struggling. What it's going to do is take more time from you, and what we don't want is we don't want property to be a time thief. Because really, that's what a lot of people are stuck in, is where they are landlords, not investors. I play the investor game. And you should play the investor game too.

Whether you like your tenants, whether you want to look after your property and all that sort of stuff, none of what I'm saying here precludes the fact that I look after my properties. I look after my tenants. I'm a good landlord. I do everything I should. I follow all the regulations. So we're not saying, "You don't do that." Yeah, I just have somebody else do the work for me, and I'm happy to pay that somebody else. And in my case, it just so happens that in the UK, certainly, I have all my properties managed by my own company. So I own the company, which technically, actually Arlene owns the company. So yeah, but neither here nor there.

But the bottom line is with that, is that we can actually, when you get to this point and when you build in the systems and processes, you realise that property is just a box that makes you money. And what happens is every now and again you'll review the property. You'll look, what's my incomings? What's my outgoings? What's my maintenance that I've spent money on? Is the area still that fundamentals? Has the area still got fundamentals? Do I need to sell it? Do I need to renovate it? Do I need to add a room? Do I need to whatever, turn it into a HMO? I mean, there's so many options that you've got, depending on the strategy you choose.

But I think property is a box that makes you money. That is, above all else that's where you want to get to. Because for me, that's set and forget. That's set and forget mastery, and that's what I talk about. Whether you've got 10 properties or two properties, at the end of the day you have a life, and you only have one life, and you only have 24 hours a day, seven days a week, how many years you live. But the reality is, the best way to use them is not by fixing taps and dealing with tenants and toilets and all this sort of stuff. It's by putting it into whatever makes you passionate, whatever expresses your unique passion in life.

So I think that's one of the keys. And basically, if you think about it, my last 25 years have been spent in property. That's what I've done day-in, day-out. I've sold over a billion pounds of property through my various businesses. I've financed them. I've built them. I've done all these sort of aspects of property. So you might say, "Well surely, you are into property." And I'm like, "No,, I'm into creating a lifestyle for me and my family, and property is the vehicle that does that for me. And business is the vehicle that does that for me." Actually, I could care less whether it's a two bedroom in Manchester or two bedroom in Birmingham. It's about what it gives me, and that's where you will get set and forget property, a box that make some money mastery.

All right guys, any comments feel free to write in below. Subscribe to my channel, and I'll look forward to chatting real soon. See you later. Bye.


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