Should I buy Property with great views

Brett Alegre-Wood
September 16, 2018

Video Transcription: 

Hey guys, so I thought I'd do a quick property rant about fundamentals, and specifically, the fundamentals about, should you buy something that has a bit of a view? Now I'm here. I'm in Toowoomba, and actually, I'm up on the range right now and if you have a look around, this is a pretty extraordinary view. You know. Now, one of the challenges with buying with a view is, you know, this is a great place. And actually it's not too bad, because in Toowoomba, literally just up there, up the road a bit is literally residential housing and all that, but they don't necessarily have that kind of a view of this in the background here. And this is actually a park right now that I'm in because it had a nice view. But actually, if you have a look over on the ridge over there, you'll see there are houses over there.

Now, one of the challenges, it is awesome having a view. And you know, I've had many houses where I've had a bloody fantastic view over the Gold Coast. A few things, I lived in Beachmont, you know, overlooking the Gold Coast and you know, the great thing about that is the view is sensational. So, when you were there, it's great. However, when it comes to fundamentals, one of the challenges is, is that I lived in Beachmont, it was a half hour drive from, really anything. I mean there was a local store, there were a few things like that. So, what you got to look at with any of this sort of stuff is what I talked about, the shops, schools, transport and major employers, major investment, okay? Now when you look at those five things in the reverse order, so major investment is the most important, you know, coming all the way down to the shops and schools and things like that.

You've got to look at the fundamentals for what they are. Because this here... And look, if you're buying a home, different. Okay. So, this is not about buying a home. This is about buying an investment property. And when you look at this, it's an awesome view. And if you could buy this place or one of those places on a thing, fantastic. Live there, beautiful view, inspirational, you know, meditative, whatever words you want to use to describe that. But the reality is, you're gonna be out of town in this case, you know. And in most cases, you're gonna be away from the fundamentals because you gotta get to the top of the hill, you know, and you gotta get to the top of the hill every day. And your kids have to get to the top of the hill and your kids have to travel on a bus up the hill and, you know, all these sorts of things.

So, you've got to take into account all that stuff if you're gonna buy something, you know, with a spectacular view. As an investor, you know, how do we get that view? Well, we move up, you know, the apartments. So if it's on Palm Block, 30 stories. We can look at buying the 30th story because it's got a fantastic view. So, you know, that translates too, because actually, you can have throughout the amount an apartment block, is you can have the fundamentals that are right in the city and right in the middle of a thing, but still, have the view, okay? However, you are going to pay a premium as you go up the property. And that's just normal because obviously view is better. Interestingly, going higher up is not always better. So, for instance, when I lived in Singapore, we lived on the 20th floor. Okay, 20th floor, I think there are 23 floors in this place.

But the problem was once you got over the 12th floor, the building that was beside it had all its air conditioning units on top of that bloody building. So fundamentally that presented a problem. If you're on the 12th floor, which one of my mates was sort of, the 11th floor, you didn't even notice. You didn't hear the air conditioning. On ours, you look down over the air conditioning and you could hear the noise. Okay, so you've got to take into effect, and that is always, always do your research. Do your due diligence. Don't listen to what anyone else is saying. Do it yourself and get that information yourself and be sure to check all that.

All right guys, that's just a bit of introduction to places with a view, and it is quite a spectacular view, I have to say. About to head down, downhill now, to Ipswich is where I grew up. That's not so spectacular views there. All right. See you guys, have a great day. Live with passion and remember subscribe and comment. Be happy to answer. All right. Bye.


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