Should you quit your job to start property investment?

Brett Alegre-Wood
February 27, 2020

Video Transcription:

Let's get into it so the first question is I recently saw a video on YouTube from another company encouraging you to quit your job and just start doing property even if you don't have the money saved up do you guys think this is a good idea? I mean there's a pretty easy response to that and you're absolutely not you know absolutely not.

I think most of where these questions got not the question but most of these were these
statements come from from the gurus that we're trying to sell you into a course and tell you how easy it is and it's simple and just make the jump and I'm not saying that if you quit your job and jump boots and all that you can't be successful but what I am saying is that you're putting yourself under a massive amount of strain and oftentimes it is right at the very start of when you are starting to be a property investor or starting to invest in property so you don't know any better and so you're loosening this someone who apparently knows what they're talking about but actually probably doesn't know what they're talking about because what
they're trying to do is sell you a property.

Now if you don't have the money it is just ridiculous okay to do that and I'm sure no sane person will say that sure there were lots of property gurus out there and I say the guru term because actually you know I don't necessarily agree that that is they are gurus their sales people dressed up you know wolves in sheep's clothing you know I've always been pretty vocal about that side of the business you know the hard sell and I think the key here is you've really got to be you've got to keep your wits about you in this game because if you don't yeah sorry I just put that on there if you don't then potentially you're going to be out of a job potentially you've invested into a property course and maybe you know somewhere between 2000 up to 30,000 bucks for some of these courses.

Now I've got no problem with education alright but there's lots of education out there free and I believe we should do a lot of education before you put your job and actually you don't need to quit your job okay sure if you're gonna approach a strategy that is a full-time strategy then ok fine but get some capital beyond you for goodness sake otherwise you're just gonna put yourself under so much stress it's just not worth it you don't
need to there's enough time in the day to be able to have a job and to be able to go and do what you need to do in the early stages.

Later on when you start getting some success you know that is a consideration at some point it may be a consideration certainly for what I do and the way I build portfolio is I don't want to be full-time in property I've been thinking nothing worse than inspecting properties developing properties hammering nails painting the walls they're doing lots of stuff yeah that's just not where I think that's not the way I'm programmed I am much more set-and-forget I'm much more about living other people to do what they do and finding the property for me preparing it all juveniles or less or stuff and then me making the assessment you know but yeah certainly it's you know it's very dangerous.

 I think to do that if you've got any questions whatsoever jump on my youtube channel Facebook and just message me and I'm happy to answer them either in video or text or wherever and look guys be sure to subscribe to my channel be sure to comment and I look forward to seeing you if you want to come along to one of the webinars jump on our website and we're more than happy to chat through and the guys can take you through getting your own plan and your own strategy because let's face it it's all good watching YouTube videos it's all good watching Facebook videos it's all good being on LinkedIn it's all good being on the social media and learning all that stuff but until you sit down and get down and dirty with your detail and how it affects you personally and the opportunities that you have to make a difference in your life and your family's life you know really none of it means all this education doesn't mean anything until you take your first step so get and meet with the team you know if you do book - or    and go there book a meeting with the team sit down with them get away with all your questions answered yeah it's not a sales pitch this is where we get your plan and we get your strategy together and we actually work out what it is you want to achieve where you're starting out and then we work out how we can help you get there and you know what if we can't help you get him in that's fine if you're going to choose a strategy that we don't get involved with fine you know what there's so much free education there that you can learn the fundamentals from you know I'm happy to give that away it's all for here it's there you know I've been doing this for years you know giving my education my free you don't get to go and spend 10 grand 30 grand whatever it is in you know two and a half three grand for a weekend you know to learn this stuff it's there it's available and it's you know if you're talking about my stuff it's very simple

Okay so guys any questions come back to me otherwise have a great day live with passion and look for detailing in real soon


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