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How to avoid cash flow problems when you invest in property

The secrets to an accurate assessment of investment property expenses

One of the keys to success in property investment is to accurately assess the cash flow a property will provide. Only when you know this will you be able to plan your investment finances. If the property you buy costs more in expenses than it makes in rent, you’ll have to subsidise the difference out of your own pocket. Read More

Five simple steps to perfect positive cash flow

The search for cash flow property couldn’t be easier As a property investment strategy, exploiting the benefits of positive cash flow investment property is becoming more difficult. Rising property values and tax changes have made it harder to find property investment opportunities that pay enough rental income to cover costs. Many investors now buy property to take advantage of the five benefits of investing for capital growth. By adding a small amount each month to a negative cash flow property investment, in a few years, it’s possible to unlock stunning retirement income. Read More