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Property Deals

Smart Money and Property Deals! How You Can Get Your Piece Of The Pie

Regardless of where you are on the wealth scale, getting deals alongside the Smart Money is a great way to lock in returns but it takes this one thing to guarantee success! For more investor and landlord updates check out If you are sick of your agent not responding then give us a call 01522503717 or […]

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UK Property Cycle

Where are we in the Property Cycle Q1 2020

Video Transcription:What is the current stage of the cycle?All right so look I use I have my property trend cycle and where we are right now and I’ve got some concerns about this and I’ve been very vocal about where I think things are going I think you know come May June next year 2021 […]

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Best places to invest

Choosing the Right Area to Invest in Property

Video Transcription:How do you choose the right areas? This is a massive question okay so we have a five-step process the five-step process is I start off with data yeah so I go online by actually three hundred twenty-eight postcode districts in the UK, one hundred eight data points and I download into a big worksheet […]

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UK Property Prices

Why aren’t prices rising in the UK?

Video Transcription: Hey guys. So why aren’t prices rising across the UK? And I’m not just talking about in particular areas. I’m talking generally here. So forget the market cycle right now. What I want to look at is a much higher level of the macro economic reasons why things aren’t happening and why prices aren’t […]

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Property Rant

Brett’s Property Rants

Elements in the UK EconomyVideo Transcription: One of the elements you can really talk about with the UK economy, is the fact that it has a banking sector and the banking sector is huge. It is one of the banking centers. Obviously, New York and London are the two biggest, bar none, and still, even with […]

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London Property Investment

London’s next Hotspot 2020… Why I think Southall will be the place to invest

Video Transcription: I just want to tell you a story about what I think is the next hotspot. And the hotspot I think, in London in particular, is called Southall and the reason I think of that area is because as we’ve been tracking trends and we’re tracking things through the London marketplace, I think one […]

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UK Property Investment

Introducing the Effect of Schools and Education on Property Prices

Why You Should Invest in Property near Education Establishments When you invest in property, you want to invest in a location that will offer both income and capital growth potential. In other words, a location that is likely to attract tenants and homebuyers, now and in the future. Competition from prospective tenants puts upward pressure […]

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Southall – Where Regeneration Bears Fruit

A Return to Nature Is Building Real Community in Southall When we talk about regeneration in property markets, the meaning is taken as being the redevelopment of disused land or buildings that have fallen into disrepair and, most often, become an eyesore. This property has no functional use. It is either torn down and redeveloped […]

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