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Why Should You Trust Property Investment Companies?

Property Investment Properties - Why trust them?

So you’ve decided to secure your financial freedom by investing in property? Congratulations! That’s a very good first step to make towards securing your financial future. Now, I’m often asked by prospective investors exactly why they should trust their property investment to property investment companies. After all, investing in property is easy isn’t it? You just buy property, let it and collect the cash. Well no, successful property investment really isn’t that simple. Read More
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Can you believe what property investment companies are telling you?

Are you being sold the truth?

Following on from my previous blog, I thought I would expand some of the reasons why it's a huge benefit to be using Gladfish rather than other property companies. Now property investment companies might try and tell you that their greater discounts are because they are better at negotiating, have bulk buying power, a better relationship with developers, and any number of other reasons why their property is better than a competitor's. Read More