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Royal Docks Property Investment

Royal Docks Property Investment Guide

£1.7 billion of investment will create a thriving business hub to rival Canary Wharf

In the 19th century, the Royal Docks were home to the largest and deepest enclosed docks in the world. Created by the entrepreneurs to provide for London’s growing trades, the docks brought a new world of commerce to the city. At the same time they attracted people from across the globe to do business at their quays, generating thousands of jobs and creating wealth. History has a habit of repeating itself. In February 2015, the chairman of Asian Business Port (ABP) and the Mayor of Newham signed an agreement about a brownfield site in Royal Docks. The plan is to build office towers for an Asian business park in a deal that should create 20,000 jobs, and add £6 billion to London’s economy. Read More