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UK Property Management

Which Approach to Property Costs More DIY or DFY?

Video Transcription:How much money do you lose by using it done for you model versus do it yourself?  Okay so first of all and let me explain done for you, and do it yourself so done for you yeah it means that basically you’re going to and this is my key distinction here okay when […]

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Best places to invest

Choosing the Right Area to Invest in Property

Video Transcription:How do you choose the right areas? This is a massive question okay so we have a five-step process the five-step process is I start off with data yeah so I go online by actually three hundred twenty-eight postcode districts in the UK, one hundred eight data points and I download into a big worksheet […]

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UK Property Investment

Can The UK Beat Off The Upcoming Global Recession!

Video Transcription: Hi guys. So can the UK beat off the global recession that’s coming at some point in the future? I mean, I’m saying I think it’s probably May, June 2021 after Trump loses interest, wins a second term. I just don’t think he’s going to be beaten. I think there’s too many people that […]

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Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income In The UK…Will It Work?

Video Transcription: Hey guys, so universal basic income in the U.K. Will it work? It’s an interesting topic. It’s becoming quite topical now because one of the presidential democratic presidential guys, Andrew Yang in the U.S. has raised this as a possibility and one of his platforms that he’s working from. I think the interesting thing […]

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UK Property Prices

Why aren’t prices rising in the UK?

Video Transcription: Hey guys. So why aren’t prices rising across the UK? And I’m not just talking about in particular areas. I’m talking generally here. So forget the market cycle right now. What I want to look at is a much higher level of the macro economic reasons why things aren’t happening and why prices aren’t […]

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UK Property Investment

Property How to get started 30K savings 16k income, self employed, North England

Video Transcription: So this one’s for Dave who just sent me an email to just ask a question. To give you a background, Dave’s 31 years old. He’s saved 30,000 bucks, or 30,000 pounds. He’s only on a 16 grand income. Obviously he lives up North, which is great because houses are quite cheap. First of […]

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Developer Loan Notes

Developer Loan Notes- Are they worth a look

Video Transcription: I wanted to encourage you to look at a thing called developer loan notes. I think really what they are, and they’re a new style investing for most of us and it’s come about via two things really. Which is number one, crowdfunding and all the crowdfunding activities that’ve been going on, which really […]

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2019 Trends

3 Biggest Trends in 2019

Video Transcription: The three biggest trends for the back end of 2019. So I think the first thing is Brexit. And I think that, and I’ll be a bit different, I’ll say it a bit different than what most people and most of the media is saying. The first thing is Brexit. Whether Brexit happens or […]

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