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Investment News – The good news on UK property tax: Tax reducing deductibles

We all hate paying tax, it’s difficult to calculate and seems to be forever increasing.

It’s highway robbery the way the new tax changes can simply ride in and steal away so much of your profits from your property investment. But for property investors who know the rules, there is a fistful of valuable deductions you can make and will still be able to make after the tax changes come into force. When you are designing your property investment strategy and considering investment cash flow, remember these nine golden eggs, (known as tax reducing deductibles) the taxman has laid for you. Number 9 is still an egg, it just changed shape recently! Read More

Property Investment News – UK Property Tax: Tax on property investment before April 2016

There were only two main taxes that concerned property investors before April 2016:

1. Capital Gains Tax (GCT)

The one that most people think about is their property investment capital gains tax (CGT) liability. In simple terms, this is the tax that you’ll have to pay on the profit you make when you sell your investment property. However, as we know, the taxman doesn’t like to make things easy, and so there is a whole raft of rules that complicate the calculation. Fortunately, these mostly reduce your tax bill on the sale of an investment property.

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Factoring UK property tax into your buy-to-let investment strategy

With the recent Property Tax Changes, you now have to take seriously...

Whatever your own particular investment profile, level of experience or portfolio size, there is one thing that is common to all investors: the government is going to want its pound of flesh in the form of tax. Many of us talk about how to avoid it, some I am sure even do things that would be classed as evading it, but regardless of how much you agree with it or not you are going to have to pay it. Death and taxes, they are inevitable… and like every human alive I am sure, you've ignored both for as long as possible but eventually they catch up with you. Here's what I did up until now! Read More