The Most Important Steps to Get Started in Property Investment

Video Transcription:

So just want to talk you through how to get started with this and what I see are the most important steps that you need to take when you've just signed up to the website, you don't really know who we are, you don't know what we're about. What should you be doing? What content should you be consuming? Should you be chatting with the team? Should you be reading this, reading that? What's the most important bits?

So for the first thing is we do things a little bit differently. So this is number one. Number one, we do things differently. We're strategists, not deal hunters. So don't expect to get pitched deals from us. That's important. For me that's a key distinction. You watched another the video on the reasons why and the in depth analysis, but effectively we want to set and have a look at what you want to achieve because what you want to achieve determines on what the strategy will be, the property you buy, all this sort of stuff.

Unfortunately, most of the industry leads ass about. In other words, they put a deal in front of you and say, "This is the deal for you," without even knowing you. Which doesn't make sense. You know that. We know that. So we strategise first. So part of the strategy side is I recommend you read my book, the Three Plus One Plan. That'll give you the foundation that we work from. That's the basis for what we build from and you understand then it's very based in fundamentals. Look numbers and mathematics and not in a bad way and in a school way.

You'll understand how the numbers flow because that's key cash flow. All right. So that's the first thing. Read the book. The second thing really is have a chat with the team. You've probably got lots of questions. Now if you haven't got lots of questions, then have a chat with them because by having a chat they'll raise lots of questions. So the next thing is just book a time to have a chat. 15,20 minutes, half an hour, or as long as you want. We've had guys on the phone for two, three hours. Just question after question after question. In fact one of the guys at one stage printed off the entire website. I was amazed. The guys showed me, they sent it through, and they'd actually gone through and marked every single question they had about every single thing. We're talking blogs and everything.

I think it was 160 pages and the guys went through that one by one by one by one. It was amazing, but don't recommend everyone does that. We'll never get anything done, but look if you need that level of detail, then get that level of detail. There's so much of a resource on the actual website,, that you can just go to and actually that has all of our blogs from the last 20 odd years that I've written. As well as huge amounts of video. You've got book downloads, you've got hotspots magazines, you've got area research, you got all that sort of stuff. Now I would suggest that you stick with the strategy, the structure, the way the market's at to start off with. All right, don't worry about property. Don't worry about areas that you think are the best areas.

Don't worry about anything like that. Stick with the strategy first and get that really bedded down. What I want to do is to challenge you. So this is your first challenge. I want to challenge you on what you actually want to achieve out of this whole thing. For the most part, it's like oh I know I need to buy some property. We've got some cash, we know it's worked for us before, we can see our own home. I don't really know what to do. I don't really know, I just think it's something we should do. That's where most people start from. So I want to challenge you about some of the things that you would like to see in your life. Now whether that be a new car, whether that be regular holidays, whether that be private school education, whatever it is, and just write them down, three to five things.

If you write three to five things down, then we can build on that and we can build a sense of that. Look any means achievable, anything's achievable. Now for the most part we don't help you buy a new car. We don't help you get on holidays and things like that. You know what we do? We help you in much better ways. We help you in becoming more stress-free in your life. Yeah, because finances are no longer a concern. Here's the magic bit that you going to notice and this'll come and when it comes, I want you to email me or message me and tell me, "Hey, I just had that moment." That moment is this. You're going to realise that you don't need hundreds of properties. You don't need thousands of dollars or millions of dollars in the bank account in order to sit there and go and breathe and think, you know what? I'm on track, I'm getting there.

I can see how if I continue to do this, that it will result in ABC lifestyle, the lifestyle that I've always wanted. Yeah and that's one of the keys. So bringing it back there because we can play the inspiration, the aspirations all day. Bottom line is have a think about that. I challenge you to do and think about that. Then get back into the strategy and get back into learning about that. The Three Plus One Plan book's a start. If you want to, Property Train Cycle is number two. Then if you want to Off Play New Build, the third book and those three books. Then the fourth book is How to Avoid a Scam: Bad Business Model Fraud. They're books that I've written. There are four books in particular that I've written and the fifth one that I suggest you read.

You can read them in any order. Start with the Three Plus One Plan, is the Emotional Intelligence one. So you've got five books now that you can read that I've written that will give you a really good grounding across the entire spectrum of strategies, structure, of how to do finance, how to raise finance, the market cycle and where it goes, how to avoid fraud, understanding how things work in terms of what gurus are saying. When I say gurus, that's a very loose term. You know spruikers more is the term. So you've got a really good base. So they're the five books that if you really want to get into this, they're the five books to read. If you haven't got time to read five books, then just read the Three Plus One Plan.

That'll give you a good enough grounding. In the process of doing this, make sure you're speaking to the team because they'll get the questions answered. Jump on a Facebook group and really get interactive. This is one of the frustrations I see now is we've got over 2000 blogs, over 200 hours of videos. How do you know the one that you need? I can tell you, I've written so many blogs, I've forgotten half the blogs that I've read, blogs that I've written. I've forgotten half the books that I've read and what I said in them specifically. So if I wrote them and I've forgotten that, what chance do you have of finding that information? I can tell you the chance you've got is you've got to speak to my team and whether that be over email or whether that be on the phone.

Jump on with them and they can go through this step by step and whether it's one call, 10 calls, 50 calls. I mean I have a thing in the business where we say, we're going to spend five hours on the phone with you or face to face with you before you buy a property. Five hours willing to commit to you before we do that. That's key because that's going to get you really comfortable. It's going to get you a certain level of certainty, which is what we want. It's going to get you a certain level of understanding of the numbers so you feel confident. Okay. That's really what we're aiming for. So look what's stopping you? Jump on now, download the book. In fact, get hold of the five books if you need to.

If you really want to have them all there all at once. My suggestion would just start with the first one and then speak to the guys, get that conversation happening, and then work your way through one by one and after each book you read, a lot of these aren't big books. They're books that you can read in probably a couple of nights without too much thing. These are not academic books. These are books written by me as an investor for investors without the hype and BS. Yeah. Then you've got thousands, literally thousands of articles that you can go to. My concern with Google and searching Google or whatever is that most of the stuff is just education laced with salesmanship. It's all designed to sell you this, sell you that. I personally separate myself from the sales side of things.

So most of my education by far, the majority of the education is education. It's not sales. Yeah. I separate the two. The sales process for me, yes the sales guys, the property managers, and the portfolio managers, they are also salespeople. The stuff you're going to get from me, the articles I write, all this sort of stuff, it's pure education and you'll see that. Yeah. So if you're searching Google, just be aware that it's probably laced with a deadly salesmanship. 

If you don't know the difference, you might fall foul of it. That's why you should read the fraud book because that'll enable you to cut that off at the knees. All right guys, have a great day. Live with passion. Look for the challenging real soon. Jump on one of my webinars and you can get to ask me any questions. Otherwise, there's the aspect section, the membership thing, and really take the time and really get to know us because I think you'll see that we can really help you and can really get you to wherever you want to go. All right, guys have a great day. Live with passion. See you later.

Brett Alegre-Wood
November 26, 2019

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