How To Avoid Buying Someone Else’s Problems in UK Property!

Property in the UK is great, but not if you buy someone else’s problem!

I've been involved with New Build and Off Plan property for over 25 years initially as a mortgage broker financing New Builds and then as an Estate Agent & Buyer’s Agent whose business has sold upwards of £1.3 billion of UK property.

New build off plan is a fantastic way of doing property, it affords you the ability to sit back and have an almost effortless experience; there's no renovating; there's generally no issues with the property for the first few years. 

So you end up with a new property that, if bought well, can see a great amount of growth as the area settles in and its renewed fundamentals take off.

Off Plan offers an even greater benefit and that is the benefit of controlling a property having only put down a small deposit of say 10% - 20%. 

Off Plan Property Payment Schedule

Chosen well the property increases in value during the build program and you're sitting on significant equity by the time completion comes.This is, of course, subject to the market cycle.

Because these properties were built with the latest technology, energy efficiency, and sustainability in mind, we rarely need to think about changes that the government might require because they are already compliant.

Instead, you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your decision. It’s effortless, really!

If you're interested in learning more about off plan new build property, give us a call, sit down, and run through a few live examples to see the level of detail our 2 Year Cash Flow Worksheets provide and the opportunity that is offered with our unique approach to new build off plan property.

Live with passion,

Download & Read UK Property Investors Guide

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UK Property Buyers Guide

The UK Property Investors Guide has everything you need. The compilation of questions asked by investors put into a one sitting read for anyone who is new to the UK property investment market. 

  • Researching property
  • Negotiating Discounts
  • Structuring your investment
  • Taxes Payable
  • Mortgages simplified
  • Regeneration
  • Off plan & New Build property
  • Remortgaging & Reselling

All is an effortless, set and forget approach that is simple for any investor no matter how much time you have or what country you are buying from.

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