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I love Regeneration!

I've seen it work over and over again for 3 decades, in fact, I've been fortunate enough to pick 8 of the last 8 London areas that have boomed due to regeneration, many of our landlord's have massively benefited from this. Oh and we've been involved in the past 5 Manchester and 3 Birmingham areas the same.

Don't think for a minute this is some sort of gift that I have, the gift is understanding fundamentals and the effects of large scale regeneration on them. I'd love to teach you the simple steps to picking them repeatedly.

A great example of this is Royal Arsenal In Woolwich, our investors started buying 1 beds at £187,000 in 2010 they were at £494,000 in 2022. That's regeneration working in addition to the usual market capital growth.

Regeneration Results 2010-2018

What are the skills in picking regeneration areas? It's all about picking fundamentals.

I'm talking about shops, schools, transport links, major employment, and major investment, all the things that go into an area and make up its fundamentals. Fundamentals to give you certainty that the price of your property and the rent you receive will continue to increase over time.

So why is regeneration such a damn good strategy?

Picking an area where the fundamentals are profoundly changing gives you the best chance to beat the market averages. 

You end up with a property in a great area where rents and values have increased, and then you have the choice to either ride the high or sell out when they plateau. Then take the profit and reinvest it into a new regeneration area. 

It's a simple strategy we've been repeating successfully over and over since 2004 (well, even longer if you count my Aussie experience).

You see the strategy is so simple that anyone can do it, no matter whether you live in Kuwait or Kathmandu, and no matter how much time you don’t have to commit to this. 

In any case, we research and pick the areas, then negotiate with developers for you, doing it all for you and making it as effortless as possible!

Add to that our relationships with various large-scale developers who are redeveloping and drastically changing specific areas, and you have a winning formula for any investor.

So, if you want to benefit from UK regeneration, if you want to benefit from our relationships, if you want to benefit from the massive change in fundamentals that is regeneration, then talk to the team and go over the next areas of regeneration that are coming up.

Live with passion,

PS Here’s a list of the previous regeneration areas we researched, sold, and clients made money: Woolwich (2010), Southall (2012), Elephant & Castle (2011), Acton (2011), Stratford (2011), Greenwich Peninsula (2009), Shoreditch (2005), East London (2009), Royal Docks (2012), Reading (2005), Canary Wharf (2004), Watford (2020) - Click for our latest areas - CLICK HERE

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