What landlords need to do about Section 21 ban

Not very often do I get mad about things but this has set me off.

Theresa May has gone too far with this. As landlords, we need to band together and become one voice.

Anyway watch the video and I will update you about how we can fight back.

Video Transcription:

Hey guys, Brett's Property Rants. Today, yeah pissed off. You may have seen the live one that I just did, the video I just did. The Government is just losing it. They're just a bunch of idiots. They're talking about removing the Section 21, or the no-fault eviction. Anyway, you could watch the live one about my thoughts on that, which is just that it's ridiculous.

I think one of the points is I'm just reading through the newspapers here. Of course, now, one of the papers, I won't say who but is talking about them being short evictions. What a load of crap. Do you know why they're calling them short evictions? It's because the bloody courts are so frigging useless, yeah, that you cannot get a tenant out for at least three or four months. It takes so long to go through the whole process from the time they stop paying, or the time they do something majorly wrong where you want to evict them, where they should be evicted, rightfully should be evicted, yeah, it takes so long.

Yes, in that relation, it's a short eviction. Basically, you got to give them frigging two months then, yeah, it's a short eviction. You know what? This is absolutely ridiculous. It's just another layer of ridiculousness by a Government that clearly... I mean I'm amazed they even, well, number one, I'm amazed they had even time to think about this. They're spending so much time on this ridiculous Brexit and how they're coping with that, or not coping with that. Anyway, it's not about Brexit today. It's about this Section 21.

I mean, really, this is the methodology that you have to use now in a lot of cases to get people out or get to the point where you can instruct people to get rid of them. It's a lot quicker to do it that way than it is to go through all the other rubbish and the ways they do it. I mean the whole Section 8 process just takes so much time. Now, so many tenants can abuse the system.

I mean we've got one tenant, I mentioned before in my other video, 18 months they've not been paying, $1800 a month for a place. They're not even a tenant. They claim to be a tenant, they're a frigging permitted occupier. Yet, they've been allowed to go from one court to the next to the next that has been passing it all the way up to the High Court.

So far, I imagine there's 40 or £50,000 out of that landlord's pocket in loss of rent, legal costs, in all these sorts of things. I mean because it's one of our things, I've had to instruct our insurers because of the sheer costs that are involved. It's ridiculous. This woman even had the audacity to try and get an injunction against us, so that we couldn't do our jobs. In the end, she got advice, basically got told to pull her head in. Meanwhile, I'm 7,500 out of pocket. That's the appalling state of the market right now.

Now, Shelter and all these other idiots won't talk about that side of it, which is what landlords are copping and what agents are copping. I mean to add to it, 170 bits of legislation. You know what? This is appalling, appalling what they're doing. There is no consideration really for what is rational or what is right. It's a total knee-jerk. They're not really asking for opinions. They're not really interested in that opinion when they're given. I mean it is just appalling.

My take on it is we need to, as landlords, start banding together and having a voice. Otherwise, people like these Shelter bloody idiots are just going to continue to go on and on and on with all this rubbish. I mean we're talking about small percentages of landlords that abuse it but, yet, they're applying it across the whole board. I mean we have over 1200 properties we manage. In that 1200 properties, very rarely... And, in fact, I couldn't even think of one, and neither the guys from the team, think of one instance where landlords are abusing their situation.

You know what? They want tenants in there. They want to keep tenants in there. Yes, they want to raise the rent because their costs are going up. Yes, they want to do all sort of things they have to do that. We have to raise the rent. I can tell you, I will be the biggest one to raise rents on these tenants. Yeah? Because we need to with all the additional costs, with regulations plus with Section 21's gone, that means more stuff is going to go to court which is going to take longer. Rent and legal insurance are absolutely going to be needed now, which is another cost. All these things are just adding to it.

It's appalling, absolutely appalling for what is a small minority. Government isn't interested. It's no use even talking to them. What we need to do, as landlords, is band together and have one voice and really stick it to them and tell them that this not appropriate. Anyway, guys, have a great day. Live with passion, and we'll chat soon. Bye.

Brett Alegre-Wood
April 20, 2019

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