What’s The Impact of Build to Rent

Brett Alegre-Wood
March 3, 2020

Video Transcription:

What's the impact of rising builds rent? 

So what build to rent is all right  now I'm probably gonna be quite controversial here but I don't really care to my opinion and it's my channel so I do whatever I want 

So here's the deal I think the government and the wealthy elites and the corporate elites have decided that a good way to control the property is if they control it okay and the average landlord isn't involved in it anymore and so what I think is happening is a lot of the regulations and things I've been in professionalising the industry is pushing the accidental landlords the mum and dad's out of property and it's being handed over to professional corporations you know with big money and pension funds and that's what stuff.

But and that's a good thing because we're not building enough property sorry it's a good and bad thing that's double-edged sword I don't agree with pushing out I think there should be a market for that but I think there will be and where I think this is a lot of the big development sites and the big infrastructure investment okay which I love I love my regeneration we've done very well out of regeneration for clients and I'll continue to look for regeneration opportunities you know and I think you know that is awesome and so those sites that's where it's good for because what it does a totally lifts area look at Woolwich, Royal Arsenal look at Kidbrooke look at Southall look at Manchester look at Birmingham you know look at Liverpool, Leeds all these places were they getting massive infrastructure, Crossrail stations you know massive infrastructure spending by large pension funds and government yeah because it's generally a private a public you know initiative and you know amazing things can happen 

So what you can do and this is the opportunity for you who build to rent is if you know they're spending 1.2 billion or 800 million or whatever it is on that area you sit there and you go ah let me have a look I mean you know Southall is one of those areas where I'm now I mean I'm going back in a couple of weeks in The UK and what I will be doing is I'm actually staying out in Southall and I'm getting out there and you know walking the pavements and finding opportunities for us to invest in both development opportunities but also individual refurb opportunities you know for our clients invest into you know why not why the hell wouldn't we because there's so much money being spent in that area it's West London it's still quite close you know straight in on a tube, Crossrail those sort of things.

So that's the approach that I'm taking you to know and now so build to rent I think will be more exclusively for the city centres and the large projects near the city centres not in the outs along towns and things like that so yes it will have an effect there but not out there so there will still be lots of opportunities out there I just think the infrastructure spending is not going to be there and the opportunity the fundamentals shop, schools, transport, major employers, major investment aren't really going to be there like they should.

If you've got any questions whatsoever to jump on my youtube channel Facebook and just message me and I'm happy to answer them either in video or text or whatever and look guys be sure to subscribe to my channel be sure to comment and I look forward to seeing you if you want to come along to one of the webinars jump on our website www.gladfish.com and we're more than happy to chat through and the guys can take you through getting your own plan and your own strategy because let's face it it's all good watching YouTube videos it's all good watching Facebook videos it's all good being on LinkedIn it's all good to be on the social media and learning all that stuff but until you sit down and get down and dirty with your detail and how it affects you personally and the opportunities that you have to make a difference in your life and your family's life you know really none of it means all this education does not mean anything until you take your first step so get and meet with the team you know if you do book - or www.gladfish.com/book- a-meeting and go there book a meeting of the team sit down with them get a weave all your questions.

It's not a sales pitch this is where we get your plan and we get your strategy together and we actually work out what it is you want to achieve where you're starting out and then we work out how we can help you get there and you know what if we can't help you get him in that's fine if you're gonna choose a strategy that we don't get involved with fine you know what there's so much free education there that you can learn the fundamentals from you know I'm happy to give that away it's all free it’s there you know I've been doing this for years you know giving my education my free you don't need to go and spend 10 grand 30 grand whatever it is in you know two and a half three grand for a weekend you know to learn this stuff it's there it's available and it's you know if you're talking about my stuff it's very simple okay so, guys, any questions come back to me otherwise have a great day live with passion and look forward to chatting with you again real soon. 


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