Why Invest In UK? Safe and Secure Investment Environment

Okay, so let's consider a reason to invest in a safe, secure investment environment. And I think this is key because obviously nobody wants to put their money into an investment and not know if they're gonna get it back. And I think the great thing is, yes, we've built that platform of a strong, secure economy, and that sets up a safe and secure investment environment, which is essential. 

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So, you know:

  • Stable democratic government: Well recognised as a low corruption country, ranked #16 on the actual scale of least corrupt countries in the world. You gotta have some certainty around that. The government is relatively stable, even if there are issues with the democratic process. But the reality is, there is still a centuries-old system of government that works, with checks and balances to prevent corruption from getting out of hand.
  • Robust legal system: The UK has the Westminster system dating back to the Magna Carta in 1215 and the Bill of Rights in the 1690s. Very few countries have that level of depth in their legal system. It provides certainty that just doesn't happen in most places.
  • Transparent regulatory environment: There are independent and transparent regulators like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Bank of England, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) for valuations, property managers, etc. Sure, there can be arguments about their management, but the majority of your investment will be covered by legislation that probably hasn't changed in 100 years. That's key when investing in the UK.
  • Attractive tax system: You can take your income, subtract expenses, and the profit is taxed at a competitive rate compared to most countries, apart from a few outliers like Dubai with very low taxes.
  • Access to world-class professional services: Whether it's lenders, solicitors, accountants, etc., the UK has world-class firms that other countries look to. Even Singapore allows adopting UK law, which is pretty cool and unique.
  • Strong currency: The pound is one of the strongest and most traded currencies on the planet, providing another layer of security.

As we go through this, realize that you're not just buying a property in a small area. Actually, you've got all this history where previous mistakes have been adjusted - that is part of your investment. That level of security is really important and should give you certainty to move forward.

So whatever your needs, we’ve got the qualifications, experience, systems, relationships, and history that you need for an effortless experience. We're perfectly suited to investors looking to invest in UK property.

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