Why there will be no referendum! Brexit Rant

Brett Alegre-Wood
November 2, 2018

Video Transcription: 

Hey, guys. So I just wanna chat about my thoughts on the second referendum, and in any shape or form. Because I think the problem is, we think that it's a straight up, let's have a referendum. Yes. Are we in or are we out, virtually the same as we did before. Are we in or out which most people obviously chose out. It was quite close, but the reality is, we chose out. Do we have any second referendum? And the question is, what happens if that comes back the same? Do we then do a third referendum? Do we even have time to do a referendum? Considering this took relatively two...well, it was even more years than that. And it had been pushed for ages when we did the first one. And what happens if somebody in Scotland chooses out and Britain chooses in, and all these, sort of, interesting concepts. Because I find the interesting thing with this whole argument is, what's the question actually gonna be? I mean, is it gonna be a straight yes or no, or is there gonna be a third option? Is there gonna be, yes, if this percentage? And then how do you do it? Do you actually roll the people that chose...do you have a three option, and then if people...three options, and then if people choose two, option two, because options going. And the third option their preference goes.

So the whole range of things that are being looked at here, and I think the problem is there's just not enough time before April next year to see that through. And then what happens, if we go back, are we then the ostracised child that nobody likes anymore because we attempted to go out? And then it's like, "Well, you guys are in now, and there's no way you can do another referendum. So we'll treat you like shit." Excuse the French. Well, that's not French. I shouldn't say that, because we live in the UK. Well, possibly live in the UK depending on the second vote, if there is a second vote.

Anyway, look, for me, my thoughts, I'm actually gonna make hay, whether we're in or out. And the reality is, I don't see...yes, it affects my business. And yes, it affects my customers, and clients, and all that sort of stuff. But the interesting thing is, overall I'm just getting on with life. And I think that's a lot of people. Some of the feedback I get, some of the comments I get when I do a Brexit, when I give my opinion on Brexit and I give my thoughts, it's very polarising. And it's very, like, "If you support this, you're totally against me and I dislike you."

I mean, I sent an email out the other day, and I mentioned some things about Brexit. And it was amazing how many people come back saying, "F you Brett. Stick it up your...Brett." And some other rather educating things, that I thought...I, sort of, think really? Is it that serious? And some of these people I know. And some of the...it was amazing when I wrote the book on Brexit. Now actually when Brexit happened, I wrote a book about it. It's online if you need it. You have a read of it. And the interesting thing is, it was so polarising. It was one of the most or has been one of the most polarising things that I've seen in a long time. And really, does it have to be that way? Is it really that serious an issue? Life is still gonna go on.

But I think with the second referendum, do I think it's gonna happen? I really don't. I don't think we've got time to work it out. I don't think there's a consensus. And I think it's too dangerous for any politician to actually do it. Even though it's polarising...and I get that, I just don't see it happening. I don't see...I mean, they can't even get the bloody basic, sort of, let alone try and pull another referendum before April as well as getting a deal at the same time. I mean, it seems like this whole Brexit thing, what's happened is, we're so focused on Brexit and getting out of the EU, we forgot that we've got a country to govern. And I think that really is where politicians should all be sacked. Because actually, they forgot, that they are put in power to govern us and to actually produce results and to create an economy that is useful to everyone. And I think they've forgotten that. I think they've really focused on themselves. And they're so...almost disrespectful to the people who voted them in, and the people who didn't vote for them.

Politics right now, it's just gotten to the degree where I'm actually appalled by it. And I mean that, appalled. I just think there is no inspiration. There's no leadership. To some degree, I think the whole democratic process is failing us. And that's really bad. Capitalism and Democrat, it's almost scary. So it's like, the whole thing with having a second vote is, "Hold on a sec. We voted once. Should we vote again? Because we voted once, therefore, surely that's done now."

Surely, there are all interesting comments. But guys jump down, subscribe and comment down below, and I'll be happy get it off a few inspired conversations with you guys. All right guys. Have a great day. Live with passion.


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