What Would A Demi God Do If They Ran the Country?

Brett Alegre-Wood
October 31, 2018

Video Transcription: 

Hey guys. So, today's Property Rant's got a little bit of difference. So, I'm here dressed as Maui, the demigod, at the request of my daughter, my two-year-old daughter. It's Halloween and, of course, I'm thinking I'm getting dressed up as a Halloween character and anyway, I'm here as Maui because she loves "Moana". So, I occasionally gotta do these things.

But the interesting thing is I thought since I'm a demigod today, I would put myself in place. If we could have a demigod, what would that demigod sort out? I mean, Maui, sort of, the sun, and the sea, and all these, sort of things, he claims in his, you know, 'You're Welcome' song, you know, is that really realistic? Is that really possible? And the reality is, it's not, you know. There is no demigod. There is no person who's gonna, you know, lasso the sun and bring it down, you know.

The reality is what we need to do as investors are we need to accept that there is no demigod to do that, that we need to get off our asses. We need to do, you know, the things that we need to do to make ourselves successful and really, you know, grasp what it is to be successful. And, you know, do the things that are a success, you know. Nobody else is gonna do it for you. You have to do it yourself. So, I'm pointing with my...what's it? Fish tooth, whatever it was, shark tooth.

One, if only this did work like, you know, a demigod's one worked and I could just go fix all the taxation, and all the mortgage restrictions and all the...in fact let's just wipe out all the politicians. I don't mean that realistically, so MI6 doesn't have to worry about that. But the reality is there is no demigod. So, you're the only person who can claim ultimate responsibility for yourself. And therefore, you have to go out there and get it, whatever that it is. And if that means, you know, learning what the, you know, the information you need to learn, learning the principles, learning the practice, learning the strategies, learning all that sort of stuff and then getting a team around you, experts who can actually do everything really, really well, because there are so many things you need to know now, it's not possible that you can know everything, okay? It's not possible that you can be as good as the mortgage broker that you employ who deals in this all day every day, okay. You know, if you just wanna focus on mortgages, fantastic. But then what are you gonna do? Focus on planning, and focus on areas, and focus on research, and focus on, you know, the market cycle, and economics, and interest rates, and politics, and all these sorts of things, it's not possible. So, get a team, around you. Learn the principles. Learn the education. Get the team around you and then get off your ass and take action.

At first, it's gonna be slow and you're gonna be frustrated. But you know what? You gotta do it. And over time, you'll build up momentum. Now, when you look back, and I can guarantee you when you look back at where you've come from, you're gonna see that it didn't take that long at all. And in fact, it was more than worth it. The lifestyle you got now after you've done that, is so much better than what you had than what you could have ever imagined.

So guys, enough rant for today. I'm gonna get out there and enjoy my Halloween. In fact, we got the house sort of set up now. I might post a photo of that. Doesn't look like much right now. But once it turns dark, we've got a glow in the dark balloons, and all sorts of things, and plenty of lollies. So, if you happen to be in Singapore, pop around to my house and we're happy to scare the bejeebus out of you. All right guys have a great day. Live with passion. Happy Halloween and subscribe and comment. See you.


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